Monster in more way than one

Good news: I got a call about my resume for a job I applied for last night.

Bad news: No matter what I had to say about my job and how good I was at it, the only thing that matters is that I don't have "accounting" experience. It's a position to be an assistant to the Controller in a very fast paced enviornment- which is right up my alley. But alas, I could hear the brush off in her voice.

It's unbelievably frustrating to try to move into an area where a) "good pay" maxes out at $30k and b) there is NO job market unless you're an entry level paper pusher or in the service industry. And by "service industry", I mean oil field.

I refuse to give up, I just hate rejection.


matt said...

I at least have more options here, which is nice, but I understand at least a little of your frustration. Here, "non-profit" equates with "worthless," so more than a few jobs for which I have the requisite experience have passed me over, just because that experience hasn't been corporate America whoring (no offense). Whatever. Their loss, right?

Fuck 'em.

matt said...

Heather makes a very good point.