Let's do a good ol list, since it's been a while.
  • No new job prospects, though I'm considering starting a little something on the side. If only I knew what that was.
  • Work is work. One of my team members is making me crazy, but that's nothing new.
  • This week is a short week with a long weekend. I'm going to mix a little love time and girl time and a lot of drive time. Funny how I used to road trip to shows and now I just road trip for a kiss.
  • While everyone else was in Idaho, I got to see Brandon Rhyder at Billy Bob's and take some great pictures with the new camera. One of them can be seen here.
  • The ex-wife from hell is getting married this weekend. While that sinks in, I'll go ahead and hit you with another whammy that is: She's only been dating him a little over three weeks. Boo-yah!
  • As if that isn't enough, she's marrying one of C's customers which should make things even more interesting.
  • To celebrate the news, we spent Saturday looking at rings.. and yes, I think I fell in love about half a dozen times. I need to go back and make another pass through the store though- just to make sure.
  • Our eleven month anniversary is tomorrow, which means one year is just a month away. We're thinking about taking a weekend trip to celebrate, but can't decide where to go. Thoughts?

My life is boring and so is my blog. Seems I only write well when things aren't going so hot. I need to work on that, I reckon...


Heather said...

Come to Houston... that weekend *happens* to be the last home series of the year. :)

Yeah yeah, not *romantic*. How about a B&B in New Braunfels or Fredericksburg? The Riverwalk in SA? A B&B in Hot Springs, AR?

GREAT picture of Brandon. Reminds me I need a new camera.

And I get to see you in 4 more days! YAY!

Dawn Renee said...

WOW my favorite Sara is a published photographer! Maybe that can be your side job ;) That pic ROCKED!

It was good to see you Thursday. I had missed you!

And I second the B&B thing in Fredricksburg. One of my friends I petsit for her and her bf went to one down there and the pics are beautiful!

Woodrow said...

Rent a cabin at Beaver's Bend State Park.

Erica said...

Only one answer will do for the weekend trip...Vegas, DUH! ;)

Her getting married will probably save her life...just sayin'.

And yay for girl time this weekend. I can't wait to see you!!

Anonymous said...

What is this ring shopping you speak of????

I havent forgotten about the recipe my lovely! Life has been happening. I should be able to get it to you today at some point!!