...In with the new

In November, my beloved Jeep Grand Cherokee turned seven years old. When I say "beloved", I mean, I've had a lot of great roadtrips and laughs in that car but it's really been a piece of shit. Therefore, I will never buy another Chrysler product again. I don't care if Mercedes revamps the entire effing product line. I tell you that to tell you this: I am this close---> to buying a new car. A Toyota. A Camry, to be exact. Personally, I can't see myself as a Camry owner, but I guess I'll have to get used to the idea. It gets great gas mileage, which is what I really need right now as I spent $350 effing dollars last month on gas. Holy WOW, Batman. So, I'm really looking forward to that part.

I had the car all picked out here in Tyler. Yesterday, as I'm waiting for the salesman to call me back with a price, I noticed it was no longer on the website. Gone. I soon confirmed that they sold it. Last I heard, he found me one in MISSOURI that I can HOPEFULLY take possession of SOMETIME IN THE NEXT MONTH. It shouldn't take that long, but that's how I feel. I went in and signed the paperwork last night, left them $1000 of good faith money and left to have a large beer with dinner. I hate this process, even though it's easier because I'm part of a "program" which eliminates the haggle. My cost is $150 over dealer invoice- which is who knows how much over what they really paid. Just once I'd like the TRUTH about car dealerships. They're just so.... dirty. Even though I really like my sales guy, I know he pulled a fast one on the apprasial of my POS. But that's a story not worth repeating.

Update: I just talked to him and he's found one in Dallas that has $375 worth of "extras". I told him to give me a final price and call me back. I hate this shit.

Update part deaux: The car is enroute.

So anyway, hopefully sometime in the near future you'll be able to see me cruising around in one of these. And cruise I will.


Dawn Renee said...

they're really nice! my bosses wife just got one a few months ago and she loves it!

good luck with the process of actually getting it!

Anonymous said...

Pretty!!! good choice!

Anonymous said...

I love it! If I didn't have two monsters that require the room of an SUV, that would have been my first choice. So, what "extras" are you getting? Tell me you at least got a sun roof? That was my ONE extra for myself.

Sara said...

Yes Nicole, a sunroof is included in the "trim" (I put it in quotes because the word just makes me giggle). The extras on the Dallas car were bodyside molding (that strip that keeps the entire door from being dinged) and tint.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'm so happy for you and I'm sure you are going to be UBER happy with it! And tint is always a good thing in Texas, regardless of the color of the vehicle!

Anonymous said...

you will LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your Camry. Ive had 3, but went to the Tundra, and then the highlander. the highlander is just as yummy as my camry's.

best freaking cars EVER.