My new favorite phrase that I will probably never say:

For fuck's sake!

As in: For fuck's sake it's been five years!

Thanks, SLM. I'm going to laugh for days about that one.

Anyone else have one for me?


De!dre said...

I once called a guy a short dick mother f*cker. That stuck with a few people... : )

Erica said...

Mine is skeet skeet. To be used in place of hoe, whore, bitch. But Rebs and I have been using it as a term of endearment. :)

matt said...

I love it.

I may send you an email in the next couple of days, 'cuz I tend to appreciate your thoughts, but I think I have to gather all mine together a little better first.

Nicole said...

I do love "for fuck's sake", but I'm trying to cut down on the f bombs these days. An hour wait in the park and ride line at BBQ cook off did me in since the trashy people behind me were using it every other word, in front of their 8 year old daughter. Nice, huh?

My personal favorite is, Jesus Christ in a vodka bottle, Sam.

Did you get the new car yet? We need pictures.

Sara said...

Erica, you and Rebs are my favorite Skeet-Skeet's.

Was that right?

Erica said...

Exactly! lol