WWYD? *updated*

I just received a call on my cell phone from a number I don't know. As is my practice, I sent it to voicemail, but first googled it to make sure I didn't know who it was but there were no results which makes me believe it's a cell phone.

So. I get a message: "Hi Sara, this is _______ and your number is in my husband's cell phone and I'm just trying to clear some stuff up with him. Please call me back at...."

Now. I know I don't know this woman, nor do I know her husband. The area code is not from an area I visit often, especially since moving from Dallas. My number is only a couple of months old (for me) and not a lot of people have it, so I'm positive I didn't give my number to someone I don't remember. And let's face it, I don't meet anyone to give my number to. (Plus I'm happily un-single.)

So, internet. Tell me- What in the world would you do? Call her back and further the shit storm this guy has found himself in? Call her back and lie to cover his ass (yeah right!)? Or, like I'm leaning toward-- do nothing.


*Update* Sunday morning, I checked my phone and sure enough, I had a "private call", a call from the original number and a text message that said, "Hey". That makes about 10 private calls that I had either missed or sent to voicemail because I was at work. C grabbed my phone and said, "I'm calling back. This has got to stop!" So, the calls the original number- not the number "Jessica" had left on my voicemail. The guy answers and says, "Hold on" and immediately gives the phone to her. She says, "I think there's been a misunderstanding..." C says, "Yeah, I think so. This is my girlfriend's number and she's only had it for about two months." She says she's sorry and they hang up.

I cannot begin to imagine the levels of hell she put him through over the weekend, but somehow he'd managed to convince her that he really didn't know me. *whew* I'm glad THAT is over.


Anonymous said...

So was the name 'Sara' saved in his phone or did she only know your name from your outgoing voicemail??? If she only got your name from your outgoing message, then I'd say you have the 'old' number of the person she's really looking for....make any sense??? Poor Sara, I wouldn't do anything, though LOL!


Sara said...

M, I'm assuming she got it off my voicemail. There's no way she knows me. While watching tv tonight, I got a "Private Call", which I promptly sent to voicemail. If she calls again, I'm answering.

Woodrow said...

I say do the guy a favor. Call her and tell her that her husband was the best lay you ever had.

Or tell her the truth.

matt said...

Yeah, ignore it.

Or Woodrow's first choice. That could be fun too.

Junie B said...

He might have called the number by accident once, and therefore its in his phone. Or it could have been the old number of his fishing buddy. Who knows and who cares.

He (and she) have bigger issues it would seem.

If it came up again, I'd answer.

Unknown said...

soooo my thought is, if you did call her back, she's got 2 choices... to believe you or not... something tells me she's already made up her mind...regardless od what oyu decide, she's got a much bigger problem...lol...poor lady...

Unknown said...

I obviously did NOT use spell check OR read what I typed... good grief!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh....ANSWER IT. Better yet, call her back, get the scoop on all the dirt and tell us all about it.