Tax day!

  • I finally got the new Hayes Carll cd in the mail. Preordering it and then receiving it a day short of a week late does not make me a happy girl. That being said, I dig the album. Hayes is a love him or hate him kind- very folksy. I'm a love him kind of girl.
  • My souvenir from the weekend in Dallas is a 12 inch crack in my windshield. I heard a rock hit it on the way to the ballpark but I didn't think anything about it since I'd been hit by rocks that sounded a lot louder. Fast forward to the drive home when I finally paid attention to the GIGANTIC crack just out of my line of sight on the left side of my windshield. Welcome to the reality that I no longer have a new car.
  • I also received the new lens I bought myself. Look forward to some a-mazing pictures in the future. It would've come in extremely handy if I would have had it two weeks ago in Florida. But, oh well. Here's another picture from that visit since I'm pretty wordless today.


Diane Mandy said...

Please don't remind me about tax day!

Cristal said...

Sorry about your car. :(

I'm so excited to see some of your new pictures!

matt said...

That's beautiful. Bummer about the car :(

And I can't wait for pictures from the new lens.