Class of 1998

Word on the street is that one of my high school classmates is considering planning a ten year reunion for our graduating class this fall. My first thought is that I can't believe it's been ten years since high school and my second thought is that I can't believe it's ONLY been ten years.

I've been randomly thinking of people I graduated with- many of which I also started kindergarten with. Things like that happen a lot in small towns, I think. Anyway, I have so much useless knowledge running around in my head that I can remember several birthday- without even thinking twice.

Ben's is May 6th
Amanda's is April 12th
Cristal's is October 12th
Holly's is September 29th
Ashley's is October 28th (so is Tiffany's, who is also Ben's wife)
Taylor's is September 1st
Megan's is September 21st
Traci's is September 10th
Mark and David's are both in June sometime, like mine

I have a hard time remembering new friend's birthdays and I struggle to tell you when babies are born. But these dates are burned into my memory, forever I guess. My mom chides me about keeping up with people I graduated with, and honestly, I've seen everyone I care about seeing. Well, there are a couple I'd like to visit, but one their wife doesn't like me and the other- well, I just haven't made it by the Super Walmart pharmacy counter to visit with her. Although, I would like to see Cristal and her handsome son.

So, I don't know if I'll partake in a ten year reunion or not. I probably will. And everyone will talk about everyone else behind their back. Everyone will talk about how cute each other's children are. Everyone will talk about what they've done in the last ten years- much will consist of getting married and having babies. No one will talk about the bad parts, like divorce or not passing the teaching exit test multiple times. Oh, that's a good one-- I wonder how many of them are teachers now! We'll take a picture and promise not to wait another ten years to get together. But that's a lie and we all know it.

I'm excited just thinking about it. Not.


matt said...

I'm sure I'll probably avoid mine in a couple of years. But then I never really cared to keep up with anyone from high school.

Jenn said...

I have no intention of going to mine next year. I will be attending my college 5 year this year though.

Woodrow said...

I enjoyed mine.

Heather said...

I went to mine too, and enjoyed it a lot. But I also graduated with 675 people. I think about 350 of us showed up. There was beer. That made it 10 times better right off the bat. ;)

Anonymous said...

I went to mine last year. The only people there were the same ones I've been seeing at wedding and baby showers the last few years. Bryce had a blast, though. He made friends with the guys that were in special ed.


StephanieG said...

I reluctanlty went to mine, even though I help with some of the planning/contacting. It was fun...but the after party with the select-few I love(ed) was by far the highlight of that weekend.

You should go.

V said...

Mine ended up the same as Steph's. The after party was by far the best part of the weekend.

I hear you on the small town thing, though. I spent eight years with the same twenty or so people. I know some of them better than members of my family.

Cristal said...

HaHa- that's me- married, with one kid and one on the way,... and teaching! (for a couple more days anyway) I guess like your 'Life Lessons' post says- We "... have no idea what their -(mine, yours, other '97/98ers)- journey is all about".
I don't know if I'll be invited to the 98 reunion since technically I didn't graduate with you guys, but I skipped the 97 reunion. I did go to part of the football game, though. (Well, actually I only went to the game because I wanted Jacob to get to go to a football game...) So, I can't recommend attending the reunion, but I can say- go to the game! They actually WIN now! Exciting stuff. Did the Rams win any games when we were in school?

And, yes, let's meet up for lunch sometime. My schedule is about to open up quite a bit. :)

Lacy said...

yeah, reunions are over-rated...
We have this website in Dayton where all the losers go to talk about their kids all day long while they sit at their boring jobs with nothing to do. So I have read some of this and realized anyone who isn't a teacher is a stay at home mom and people I never thought would have sex have like 10 kids...wierd.