Apparently it's been eight days since I last updated. Forgive me Internet, for I have sinned.

Let's see...
  • Last weekend was C's sister's baby shower. Everyone, including his grandmother, was asking when it would be my turn.
  • Still no real forward movement on buying a house, though something will happen soon or I'll buy my own. My lease is up 05/31 and I'm going "month to month", which means paying the "market rate" which is almost $100 more a month. Crap, I say.
  • Tomorrow, I'm driving to Dallas for my dear Gabby's wedding. I'm so happy that she's found Robert, who seems to truly love her. I hope to get some good pictures.
  • I'm turning around and driving home on Saturday because it's Mother's Day weekend! Before I leave Dallas, I'm going to get my mom and C's stepmom some fancy windchimes. I got my mom some last year and she adores them, so I'm going to get a different "tone" this year.
  • Sunday, we're supposed to fry fish at my mom's. C's parents are invited. This will be the first meeting. Yikes!
  • I get to see Heather this weekend! YAY!

I'm really sorry I'm so lame, y'all. I'll write more soone-- or at the very least, I'll post pictures.


NicoleC said...

Falsely represented, HOW? Because I imagine I'm getting the same check as you.

Oh, and thanks for the update!

Sara said...

They "spin" is that it's to boost the economy and look what your govt is doing for YOU when it's really just coming off what you'll get next year in your refund. So if you'd get a $1200 refund next year, now you'll only get $600. Great plan, guys. We'll see if it helps the economy one iota.

NicoleC said...

Oh, yeah. Knew that already.
Blah. And they already know it's not really going to help since the vast majority of people are putting it towards paying bills.

Anonymous said...

From what I understood it won't get deducted from your refund because its not part of your gross income. At least thats how it was explained to me.