My favorite part of the morning

It's logging in and seeing my Google Reader overflowing with new items. Seriously, I don't know how I lived before just clicking random links only to be disappointed that it wasn't updated. Also, the reader shows me other blogs that I might be interested in based on my current subscriptions. That Google...they really have a finger on my pulse, don't they?

The only links I have to click now are Deidre and Woodrow. Deidre's private, so I get that, but W? I guess I just like him that much.


Woodrow said...

I love you too, darlin'.

Anonymous said...

I heart you for turning me on to this. Now I can secretly stalk some blogs without them ever knowing. ;o)

sarah said...

i havent seen you 'round mine lately. but then again, i havent been on mine too much until recently.

love you.

Diane Mandy said...

How many sites are you subscribed to?? It's taking me 5 hours to get through my list these days. Wow!