So last night on the way home, I stopped to pick up something for dinner at Kroger. This was after being hung up on by my husband because I got irritated that he gave me NO direction about what he wanted to eat. I realize that's irrelevant, but I'm sure someone can appreciate how frustrating that is.

So, anyway. Back to Kroger. I decided that I would make grilled chicken sandwiches ala Pioneer Woman so there I was, happily standing at the meat section pondering my options. Then, the overly friendly and talkative meat lady comes breezing by. She stops. She turns. And then she says (loudly, I might add): "How much longer ya got?"

"Three months", I say- somewhat startled.

"What?!! Naw! You'll never make it! I say you'll last til the first of December, if that! You're HUGE!"

"Really? Uh... Ttthhhanks?"

"My daughter was 8lbs and they took her two weeks early! My husband, back in 1958 when he was born, was 12 POUNDS! Can you believe it?"

"That makes my hips hurt just thinking about it", though actually I was thinking his mother was probably a gestational diabetic but they didn't test for it back then.

"You sure it ain't TWINS?"

"Yep. I'm sure. Just a big ol boy, apparently."

"Huh. Well, good luck!"


I got home and told my darling husband about it and he assured me I'm not "huge" but that I have kind of "blossomed" in the last few weeks. I don't know if it was what I wore yesterday, but the sales girl at the local department store also asked when I was due. Those are the first and only two non-family/friend comments I have received. I'm starting to get a complex. What if I'm having a freakishly large baby? (Breaking Dawn, anyone?) I have been tested for GD (gestational diabetes) and I was negative- well, I assume I was because no nurse ever called me and they told me they'd call if there was a problem. Ugh. I promise I will upload and post a picture from last weekend (TX/OU - Ahem, E!) and maybe I'll even throw in one from this week since I'm now 27 weeks and not 26. Funny how that happens, isn't it?

And since my story wouldn't be complete if I didn't continue rambling about what we had for dinner, his nose turned up at the chicken I brought home, so he replaced it with deer meat which he cooked while I propped my feet up. Not bad for HUGE.


Lori said...

sweetheart... i would go to my dr's appt and the dr would say to me... how big do they say this baby will be... my DOCTOR freaked me out... people i think forget or think they have their own idea of how big we should look... i am sure that you are just perfect... and in case you forgot... i love u

V said...

Breaking Dawn comment - still funny

Kim said...

First off - my first pregnancy, I got the same comments {I was huge!}

The second pregnancy - I didn't find out I was pregnant till I was 16 weeks along, only gained about half the weight {about 30 pounds}, got gestational diabetes and it was twins!