You know what time it is?

It's 8:41am and OU still sucks! We were at Jared a couple of weeks ago picking up our rings and the manager was giving me the Texas/Colorado score. He asked if I was a fan (YES) and then said, "You know, I have two favorite teams. Texas and who ever's playing Oklahoma." This weekend my friends, they're one and the same. I fully intend on digging out my "O Who?" shirt from last year and stretching it over this belly of mine. Perhaps it will be photo worthy.

(My apologies to my token Okie, E and to V- she can't help it. I can't let this weekend go by without a little friendly ribbing.)

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Woodrow said...

My advice to you:

Stay away from all televisions tomorrow. It's going to get ugly early on and then it's going to get uglier. The north half of the bowl will be empty before halftime. The announcers will be going on and on and on about Sam Bradford and the Heisman and musing about which poor school from the north will have to face us in the Big XII championship game. It will all be very upsetting and you, being a woman with child, should avoid putting yourself in such stressful situations.