And so it goes...

  • I only thought I hated Mondays. Now, I have to leave him for the first time every single week. Lori said she still crys some Mondays... I understand. I'll be crying every Monday morning from now til he goes to college. Which will be next week as fast as time is flying.
  • To cope, I had a slice of homemade cheesecake for breakfast at work. Yum. I'm glad someone's wife has spare time to do things like that.
  • I went Easter dress shopping yesterday and bought one in a MEDIUM! Go me and my lactating ass! (No, my ass isn't lactating, you freaks- but I'm a calorie burning fool!)
  • Every week, Saturday specifically, I tell Carter "xx weeks ago at this time..." to celebrate another week of his life. This week, I forgot. It was Sunday morning before I remembered. Is this what my life is like now? Distracted and busy and stressed and trying to cram every.single.second. that I've missed with my son into two days? Unacceptable and impossible.
  • Our house is still in shambles. We're still living only out of the master bedroom, but there's an end in sight- sort of. Last week, the walls and ceilings in the den, living room, kitchen, foyer and hallway were textured and yesterday, we had them painted (flat white). Wednesday, color will be going up. Color which we haven't chosen yet. Olive or khaki? How many shades?
  • Our inherited refridgerator that was born in like 1978 crapped out some time over the weekend. I thought the door was left cracked overnite, but no- things were sweating because THERE WAS NO MORE COLD AIR. Grrrreat. Apparently it's working for the moment, but it's a good thing a new one was already in our budget.
  • I had high hopes that by returning to work, I would have more time to write. That's probably true, but I'm finding topics not involving the baby very hard to come by. Has this evolved into a Mommy blog? Probably so. But, it always has been and always will be a reflection of my life. And I'm a mommy now.
  • Congratulations to Gabby and Robert on their little Robert the third. I don't know what they're going to call him, but I'm lobbying for Tres!
  • My job rank has been restructured as an hourly position. I've never been hourly. My boss think's it's horseshit and encouraged me to maintain my flexibility. She said she refuses to pay me for less than 80 hours every two weeks. I feel restricted and watched. And my face is still stinging from the slap.
  • Happy Opening Day, Ranger fans!
  • Random thoughts from the ACM's: I can't stand Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland) voice. What did Toby Keith's hat do to deserve being forced over his gigantic noggin? Jack... heyyyyyyy. Matthew's boots-- great story. I'm sure George has helped more than one guy score in his life. Taylor Swift- why must you continue to torture us with live performances?


NicoleC said...

Check out Behr's Harvest Brown. I think it's just perfect.

Lori said...

Sweet friend.... Monday's suk... totally!!! i love you and we need to figure out a time that i can invade your space and love on Carter!!!

Gabrielle said...

Finally, I can get online and read your posts. We are so excited about Bobby, but I'm not sure I'm looking forward to sending him off to daycare...