State of the Tater Bug

  • Monday was Carter's six month check up and shots. He weighed in at 17lbs (46th percentile) which is up a little over two pounds from four months. He measured 27 inches long (76th percentile) which was up a little over two inches. And his noggin, oh the noggin was 18" in circumference which is officially off the charts (96th percentile). He got a glowing review from his pediatrician who I cannot stand and I would expect nothing less.
  • It was very satisfying to tell the pedi that he's on 100% breastmilk, and yes I'm keeping up with it just fine. My bruised nipples laughed.
  • We started solids (as evidenced by my previous post) a couple of weeks ago. Rice cereal (not a fan), followed by apple sauce, followed by a week long poo strike. I finally broke down and gave him pears which apparently did the trick a day or so later. I won't go into details, but the poops, they are a'changin'. I told C it was time to have another baby because mine was already grown up.
  • I want to make my own baby food, I just haven't gotten my shit together yet. Maybe this weekend. I'm also very interested in baby led weaning, but it seems that would require me to actually cook.
  • He's officially rolling over (occasionally) and is sitting up for mere seconds at a time before falling over. It will come I'm told. I'm not in a hurry for him to be mobile, but sitting up for pictures would be nice.
  • My boy loves his toes. See? I sing Radney Foster's song every single time.

While I was at my mom's a couple of weeks ago, I snagged some shots of me as a baby. I'm younger in these pictures than Carter is now, but it's fun to see how much we look alike. And FYI, the man in the middle picture isn't my dad- that old guy in the top one is.


Cristal said...

That toe-sucking picture is PRICELESS! And I already knew Carter was a mini-you. :)

Usually for Molly, I just chop up a little of whatever veggie or whatever we are having for dinner for her in the food processor. With Jacob, I 'made ahead' baby food and stored it in the freezer, but I was much more organized then. ;)

StephanieG said...

I would love a Beaba Babycook. I know a food processor is sufficient but I like the fact that you can steam and puree in the same container. I *guess* I have a little while to worry about that though. :)

Sara said...

Steph, I want one too, but as fast as he's growing and eating I just don't know if I'll get my money's worth out of it. And they go for darn near full price on Ebay even!

Woodrow said...

You're doing a great job, Momma.