I had to get opinions from my favorite online community, but I think I can officially say that Carter is the proud owner of two bottom teeth! He's stubborn about showing them, mainly because to him, any finger in his mouth is for sucking. But, I can feel two little sharp edges and catch glimpses of two "tooth holes". My favorite lady from daycare even commented on them today when I called to check on him. "Umm, do you know your baby has TEETH?" "Yep... he can't manage to sit up on his own, but he sure knows how to grow some teeth." She thinks top teeth will follow soon after.

You know what this means, right? It's time to have another baby because mine is growing up.


Cristal said...

molly got her first two this week, too! it must mean their love is fated. ;)

Gabrielle said...
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Gabrielle said...

Bobby is teething - got any advice?