Christmas Treats

I know, it's not even Halloween yet and here I'm posting about Christmas. That's because I'm already buying for Christmas. And while I'm at it, I thought I'd share just in case it filled a void in your list.

  • Labels. The idea first started with my little niece. I thought she's like to have some waterproof labels with her name on them so she could stick them everywhere. I remember being her age and getting some address labels on a roll from that insert in the Sunday paper, you know the one? Anyway, I stuck them everywhere. And to this day, my alarm clock still has my name and address on it. Yes, it's old. Several websites have really cute designs, but I went with Cherry Hill Designs. They did Carter's bottle labels and they've held up very well, plus I love that it's a mom-run business. She's very quick too! In addition, I ordered a set of monogram return address labels for my mom, sister, sister in-law and mother in-law. Who doesn't like a good monogram?

  • Jewelry. Speaking of monograms, I'm on a major kick. So, at least three people are getting something from sTuckintheCoop, my favorite Etsy store. I recently looked at her shop and my goodness, it is stuffed with beautiful things!!! So many, I can't find recipiants for it all! I do know that Carter's great-grandmother (MeMe) is getting this bracelet, with the initials of all her great-grandchildren (8) and their birthstones.

    My other niece (on C's side) is getting a cute necklace with her initial on it, too. One thing is for certain, no one will be forgetting who they are this year.

  • And just because, look at the adorable Christmas ornament I'm adding to our tree this year. Every year, I add a "family" ornament so in a few more years we'll have a tree that means something. This year's came from Lisa Leonard.

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    the Provident Woman said...

    Love the jewelry!

    I wanted to let you know I have a giveaway on my blog. Click on the WHAT AM I? GIVEAWAY picture in one of the right sidebars.