Designing a Holiday

A couple of weeks ago, I had my very talented friend, Cristal, take some pictures of my family and I.  Love. My intent was to get something presentable for a holiday card.  I'd never done Christmas card pictures before, so of course I was over prepared, complete with potential outfit changes.  They weren't needed because Cristal is a complete professional.  In addition, she's crazy busy between taking and editing photos and wrangling her kids, who are four and one (and stunningly beautiful and sweet). 

(I have a point, I promise).

So, instead of making more work for Cristal, I went in search of someone else to make my holiday cards sing.  Through google reader and links, I came across freshly squeezed designs.  Jill happily accomodated my request for a card with one of her delicious designs and she was so patient with me while I made miniscule changes to an otherwise darling card.  A few hours and several drafts later, I had the finished product in my inbox.  Though, if I didn't live in the boonies, she would've uploaded them to Costco so all I had to do was go pick them up- how convenient!  I quickly ordered my cards for printing and am now stalking the UPS man (like his truck isn't on auto-pilot straight to my house, anyway).  I can't begin to tell you how much I love the internet on a normal day, but especially when it makes my life easier. Below is one of my favorite designs, which I would've chosen for our cards but my husband is a fuddy dud.

Thanks, Jill!


Jill said...

awww....sara, aren't you the sweetest? thanks for the shout out!

and okay, so i may be somewhat biased, but you will have the best lookin' cards on the block!

merry christmas to you!

Cristal said...

Awesome! Send me one! :)