Numero dos.

Now that I have THAT out of my system...
(well, not out of my system, because I'm still knocked up, but, oh well, youknowwhatImean)
  • I'll be having a repeat C-section, so my baby will come in August whether he or she likes it or not.
  • I will spend the summer in a cheap pool from Walmart.  One for Carter and one for me, Mama Whale.
  • I switched doctors for this pregnancy and so far, am very happy with my choice.
  • With Carter, I had no morning sickness, heartburn or even nausea. 
  • This baby, so far, has a knack for the queasy, but I haven't thrown up... yet.
  • It's good though, because I've also only gained like two pounds. 
  • (Where is that belly already?)
  • Carter doesn't know his world is about to be turned upside down.
  • Everyone says it will be fine.  He and the new baby will be best buds.
  • I worry, though.  I tell C all the time that I don't want Carter to be slighted.  I don't want him to ever feel like he's in second place or that we don't have time for him anymore. 
  • He assures me he won't be. 
  • I trust him.  Completely.


Unknown said...

blogs need a "like" button! and I have no doubt he'll have a best friend and enjoy his role is Big Brother... just think about how often they will make each other laugh and how much you'll love hearing it...

Sheila said...

CONRATS!!!! I am so happy for all of you. Babies are a blessing and Carter will do fabulous.

Gabrielle said...

Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you guys. :D

Allison said...

Grace was definitely an adjustment for Hank! THe first week was really hard. Hank started trying to hit her, hit me.... but each day has gotten much better. We try to include him in everything. He throws her diapers away for us, he kisses her goodnight.

One thing that has been good for us, is we enrolled Hank in LIttle Gym last year and kept him going. So Saturday morning is his time alone with Nick or I.

I can't wait to find out what you are having!!!!!