15 months - A view from a cell phone

Today I took Carter for his 15 month well-baby appointment (albeit 2.5 weeks late).  The term "well baby" is used loosely as he's on antibiotics for a potential ear infection (caught early with just a little fluid in the ears) and has a horrid cough.  But, he was well enough for FOUR shots and a blood draw.  Congratulations, kid!  To celebrate, here are some fun facts from Carter.
  • He weighs 25lbs 11oz (60-something percentile)
  • He's 31.5" tall (57th percentile)
  • His head is 19" (77th percentile)- he's still on track to be presidential.
  • He has a 100 teeth.  Not really, but currently he has all four incisors coming in.  Hopefully that will be all until his 2 year molars.  He can't just cut one at a time- they ALL have to come in at once. 
  • He still naps twice a day, though I've noticed his morning naps have been shorter lately.  Except on Sunday.  It lasted for 2.5 hours. 
  • This past weekend, he slept til almost 9am before demanding attention from his parents. 
  • We rock him to sleep every night and let me tell you, as bad of a habit that is to start, it makes for some of the sweetest moments when he finally gives up for the day.  But the flip-flopping and wiggling getting there is getting very old.  Especially when mom's lap is disappearing
  • He loves his juice (either flavored water from Target or 2oz Gerber juice and the rest water) and will drink 4-5 sippy cups a day.
  • He's still attached to his noodle (pacifier), but I'm not fighting that battle just yet. 
  • He says all sorts of things now- Mama, Daddy, doggy, hi, bye, bock-bock, quack-quack, ball (bah), this (dis- when pointing), uh-oh and thank you.  I will forever pride myself on the fact that thank-you was his first real word.  He says it with accuracy, too.... especially when he's coming to take something you have! 
  • He can sign "please" and give/blow kisses.  Wet, open mouthed mwah's!
I haven't taken nearly enough "real" pictures, so I thought I'd share what my cell phone captures.  Yes, there are a lot of car seat pictures, but that's really the only time he holds somewhat still.  That, and I love to watch him sleep...





Hammy - 04/15/2010
(These were from last week's "sick day".  Yeah, notsomuch.)

First "real" boo-boo.  He fell on the fireplace.  A+ parenting

This is what four shots and a blood draw will do.


Gabrielle said...

I love all the pics!! What a cutie!

icuprincessnurse said...

He looks like a mini-Clint with his hair parted on the side like that!!! He is SO cute!

Cristal said...

I can't get over ALL THE HAIR! Oh man, he's adorable!!!

StephanieG said...

so cute!

love the one of him peeking through your sunglasses & love the hair!!