This is why I'm dreading it...

Me:  What do you think of the name "Hudson"?
Him:  Umm, NO!  As in Rock Hudson?  Gay and dead?

Everyone asks if we have a name picked out and I give the same response every time:  "No."  We couldn't agree on the name "Carter" until I was filling out the BIRTH CERTIFICATE in the hospital.  Seriously.  The man is beyond picky.  Everything I suggest is a "no" and yet, it's my job to come up with choices.  So, help me.  Leave a comment with every boy name you have ever liked.  Please.  For the sake of my marriage.  For the sake of my SANITY.

Edited to add:  While I'm a lover of things a little out of the ordinary, my husband is a complete and TOTAL SQUARE.  So, while I happen to love the name Jackson, all he can think about is a mule.  And he will not have our child ridiculed for his name.  So, try to keep them sort of inside the box.  If they're borderline, I may be able to sway him!


Anonymous said...

Since you asked. I like the name Crockett. Good solid Texas name.

And.... super excited for you on the new little one!


Sara said...

Great suggestion! Thanks, Rhonda (btw, how in the WORLD are you?).

But, I'm making an addendum to the post. My husband is a total square.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE the name Hudson. We both loved that name but we have a friend with a son named Hudson.

If we have another boy (however, we are leaning towards only having two kids!), we would probably name him Gentry.

JunieB said...

OK, dont say anything or throw up...but honestly, i always said if i ever had a boy his name would be either Sam or Jack.

and if it was a girl: Samantha. So i could call her Sam for short.

Eddie said...


Kendall said...

I love love loved the name Harper but Mark wasn't having it. Landon was *almost* Langdon (from the Dan Brown novels.)

I also love the name Jonah but Steph beat me to it.

Christian? That's cute together ... Carter & Christian.

Kayce said...

Cooper, Owen, Parker, Davis, Grant, Ian, Cameron, Tyler, Blake

mmk8007 said...

staying with the C's....Camron, Carson, Casey, Colin, Connor, Caleb, Cade, Camden, Colton....ok, I'm done!

Courtney said...

Carter & Carson's kinda cute!

Saw "Pierson" recently and thought it was a good one.

mmk8007 said...

I've got it!!!!

CASH! what is better than Carter & Cash???? you know, June and Johnny???

(good luck convincing your hubby)


Heather said...

Late to the party again... but I have always liked Patrick, Robert, John (Jack), Alex.... very generic, but solid names. :)

Anonymous said...

Lucas, Elijah


Dawn Renee said...

I'm late to the party too...but I like the names:
Hunter, Harrison, Bryson, Micah, Cole or Colton, Tristan

If I ever have a son I'm giving him the Irish name Rogan, well assuming my whoever he is husband is ok with it. haha

StephanieG said...

Knox, Beckett, Elijah, and Tate are all faves of mine. Don't know if they're square enough though :)