dance, dance, dance

Oh 20's, you were a necessary evil weren't you? 

10 years ago today, I was turning 20.  What a pointless birthday that is.  Nothing good happens at 20, besides the fact that you're no longer a teenager.  My early to mid twenties are a blur.  Lot's a drinking and music and miles.  There were bad decisions and there were better ones.  My twenties were full of girlfriends and laughter and good times.  And then, my twenties changed my life by bringing two magical men into my life.  Marriage and birth at 28.  That was a great year.

And now, 30.  On the cusp of another birth, another male to love.  My past has been void, but now it seems... full.  Men come from me.  They need me.  They fill my life with love and laughter and worth.  This life is a funny journey, for sure. 

The grey hair comes with aches.  The energy goes.  It's all a dance.  And it's one I hope to continue for a very, very long time.  Until I can dance no more.


Cristal said...

Happy Belated! I can't believe I let it slip by without so much as an email to you! :( Sorry!!!

Sara said...

Oh it's ok. It's because you don't have Facebook to remind you. :)

It's funny how I can still remember everyone's birthday from high school (kindergarten, Fellowship, Jr High, etc). Couldn't those brain cells be used for something a little more important?

sarah said...

oh, miss sara - happy belated birthday! so happy to hear that you're so happy.

matt said...

happy belated, indeed. i remember some of those less-fun years, and i'm immensely grateful to see life so brilliant for you now.