Adventures in Potty Training, sort of

So, a couple of weeks ago, I bought Carter a potty chair.  C kind of thought I was crazy but I figure it's never really too early for a kid to start learning.  So, I told my sitter about his sometimes-dry morning diapers and she encouraged me to let him sit on his potty.  I did and he peed.  We successfully did that 2 or three times- once after a nap, even.  Each time we cheered and danced and then I poured it in the toilet and let him flush while we said, "Bye bye, tee-tee!" 

Then, this morning.  Things started off well, but he wasn't really on the seat good and he was kind of trickling out of the reservoir.  So, I readjusted him.  Then, he dropped his plastic ball in between his legs.  Then he tried to retrieve it and each time I said "No baby, you can't have your ball...." (because it's covered in pee but I don't want to tell you it's dirty because I don't want you to think pee is a bad thing).  So, he got up and went and plopped down against the tub and cried.  And peed.  All over my bath mat. 

I knew things were going too well.... Monday's sometimes just start in the pisser. 

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