Swap Shop

My boyfriend just called to tell me that he and a co-worker called the Swap Shop and put his other co-worker's car, a Buick, up for sale. Said co-worker is out of town this weekend for a wedding in Baton Rouge and of course, the boys gave out his cell phone number on the radio. They said the car was his grandfather's and he only wanted $1500, so you can imagine the number of calls he's receiving. C got a text from him right before he called me that said, "Stop it with the Swap Shop" which illicited howls of laughter. Good times.

On tap for this weekend- the FAIR! Fried everything, Big Tex and Billy Ray Cyrus oh my! My Vegas girls are coming in, so it will surely be one for the record books. I know at least two of us are in the market for new COCK hats! I'll post pictures if I bring my camera.

This week has been a range of emotions for me. I may or may not write more about it, time will tell. It could be life changing.. I'll just leave it at that.

Happy Friday, friends!


Anonymous said...

Yahoo! Deep fried cheese on a stick and Dippin' Dots and cheesesteaks. I lurve the fair.

A Buick is a sweet ride. I bet Billy Ray drives a Buick.

V said...

Have a great weekend, Sara...give the Vegas girls a hug from me!

Diane Mandy said...

Have a great weekend at the fair! Fair food always makes thing seem better.

Lori said...

sorry i missed it... life has a way of doing that to me lately... i miss you though... which is silly 'cause you are like right here... when i get back we need a girls night ~ ok I need a girls night... lol

Dawn Renee said...

good to see you Friday! I'm still laughing about Deidre and I blowing the jager bomb smell at Clint. haha good times.

P.S.--Tim called, he said to rub the bald spot 4 times!

Can't wait to see your pics!

Erica said...

I'm pretty sure I had too much fun this weekend. But you know that Billy Ray was my favorite part! "Let her know what she means to you...show her she's that speical one..." *snort*