Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

So two things have kicked off my morning swimmingly.

First, I checked my email after I showered and saw that the place I interviewed a couple of weeks ago has reposted the job on Monster. This comes after I received a call from the recruiter on Tuesday to ask how the interview went and to see if I was still interested. She said the hiring manager thought it went "pretty well" too. WTF? Now they've reposted the position. So, my question to you, internet, is:

Should I email/call the recruiter and ask her if they decided to go in a different direction, or just let it be. C seems to think that act would appear desperate, but I think it's an innocent question since I SAW THE REPOSTING. If you don't want to hire me, just say so. Ugh.

Second, freakin' Whataburger screwed up my taquito. All I ask for is no egg- is that so hard? I didn't realize it til I was already to the freeway and couldn't turn around. So, one of my coworkers got a free breakfast. Double ugh.

Last night I got an email telling me I'd won a $250 gift certificate to Robbins Brothers (where we looked at horses, aka engagement rings). I had signed up for their email list and they said I could win prizes, but hell! Now I'm torn because:
a) C isn't making any moves towards purchasing anything- at least that I know of.
b) There's a guy in Midland one of his coworkers is buying from that he's shown interest in talking to.
c) They don't have anything but wedding/engagement jewelry (though they might have some necklaces). What would I spend $250 on if not towards a ring?
d) They want me to take a picture with the manager and write a paragraph about my "winning experience". "Uh- I opened the email and saw I won. Yay." WTF?

I'm supposed to reply within 48 hours.. I'd like your advice on this, too.

Tomorrow, I'm going to attempt to leave work a little early (around 3:00), in an attempt to get out of Dallas and arrive in Houston after rush hour. I'm going to see my Heather's new home and watch my dear friend Lacy marry. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is the driving, but that can't be helped. Unless I drive to Tyler tonight and meet C to drop off Shiner and fly. I doubt that will happen though.

I promise better blogs are coming.. you know, a little more thought provoking than "Whataburger screwed up my order". I'm in a funk, what can I say?

UPDATE: +2 for this morning: 1- We're getting laptops! Hopefully quickly followed by working from home a couple of days a week. 2- Campisi's for lunch!


Anonymous said...

aw, dude. i'm so sorry. i think calling the jobby job folks up and expressing your sincere interest whilst questioning the monster post is a prudent move. You go, girl.

RE the engagement ring/horse business, I'm not entirely clear on the predicament, but I think maybe a congratulations is in order? Maybe?

Safe journeys. I hope you get out of Funktown soon, my dear.

Erica said...

I think you should call also....never hurts to follow up right? But keep in mind that this comes from the girl that has been with the same company for 11 years, so I'm not really good at job hunting LOL

You and C make me smile...I just love you crazy kids!! :)

Anonymous said...

Defintely call!

And on the Whataburger thing all I can say is "they screw you at the drive thru!!"

Can't wait to see you this weekend!!

Heather said...

I agree on the calling on the job thing. No sense in sitting around waiting for an offer if they aren't going to make one. It's your valuable time too.

On the ring thing... well, I say just let things be and let C make his move. He will do so when he's ready. And it sounds like he's just about ready.

Whataburger always seems to screw something up when I use the drive thru. How many times do I have to say NO tomatoes for there to be NO tomatoes on my burger. Seriously.

AND YAY for you coming to Houston tomorrow. I can't wait to see my Sara! :)

Woodrow said...

Fuck Whataburger!

And yeah, like HayJay said, let C be about the ring. Wouldn't you rather be surprised anyway? Throw that scam of a gift certificate in the can.

I don't think it would hurt anything to call the prospective employer. Showing sincere interest might even help.

Jenn said...

I have a problem getting McDonalds to understand that no ketchup and no onions means no ketchup and no onions. I feel your pain.

Give them a call, interest helps.

V said...

I agree with everyone else that calling couldn't hurt. You need a decision, plain and simple.

My problem with Whataburger is that it always seems to take 20-25 mins to go through the drive-thru.

As for the gift certificate, my inner cynic says it's a marketing ploy. What better way to get someone in the store and buy a ring?

Either way, I hope for good news on all fronts. Have fun in Houston!

Anonymous said...

agree with the marketing ploy.
call about the job.
it's better to know.