A shooting in Louisiana, a shooting in Missouri and an explosion in Georgia-- man, what is going on in this country?! We can't even blame it on a full moon.

I can't believe it's practically Valentine's day already. I repeated last year's gift and got Ranger's opening day tickets. Yes, it's not til April, but who's counting. Section 17, row 8, bitches. It's on the third base side, but who cares. We had such a good time last year even though it was overcast and cold. This year, it's on a Tuesday which will surely screw up the entire week, but maybe we'll take two days off.

It's the end of a very stressful week here at work. I deleted some muy importante recs off our network drive on Monday which caused me a near heart attack until they were restored yesterday morning. This was also my first month to go through the month end process on my own. I think I did horribly and should be fired, but my boss said I did great. What a Positive Polly she is!

I have no plans for the weekend. Maybe Brandon Rhyder in Nacogdoches or steaks at my mom's. There's a club here in Tyler that is booking lots of OKOM. I saw earlier in the week that Mr. McClure will be here on March 1 and during one week in April, I get the Motorcars AND Adam Hood. Hooray!

I'm ready for Mexico. I don't know when it's happening, but you can bet your boots that I'll be there. Barmaid, play me some Buffett...


Junie B said...

I kinda think maybe I should go to Mexico.

Guess I need to renew my passport.

Heather said...

The SFB guys told me Friday night that was going to be the weekend of June 20 I think.