This virtual world is nuts, I tell you. I just read a couple of entries from a woman I've never met that brought a tear to my eye and joy to my heart. This blog world, full of drama and happiness, is amazing. Never would I have thought that I would care about people I've never met the way I do. (Congratulations again, Diane)

I read about a woman's struggles to become a single mom and am rivited.
I read about a woman's journey to be a first time mother.
Another woman writes about her fight with breast cancer- and her hopes of being a mother someday.
This woman, who I've recently discovered, chose herself instead of a man that was dragging her down. How liberating!

All of these women, I've never even met. Yet, I read their stories and laugh with them. I read their trials and cry with them. It's CRAZY, but I love it. So, thank you internet blogging strangers- for entertainment, for intriguing thoughts and for sharing your lives the way you do.


NicoleC said...


Talk about inspirational.

StephanieG said...

this post reminded me that we have never ever officially met....crazy! there is no telling how many times we've been at the same place at the same time with the some of the same mutual friends..and never met? we need to change that

thank you for caring ((HUGS))