Good LORD woman!

Here is where you can all say how great I look, all the while saying to yourselves how HUGE I am. And my boobs? The HORROR! They've already grown one cup size and are well on their way to the next. But, I don't even know what size that is!!! Either way, here I am. I just took this picture in my office and made a point to tuck my shirt under my boobs so as to show the "full picture". Oh the shame.

As for that bitch, Ike- we survived no worse for the wear. We lost two trees, but they were on either side of the house and down the road a bit. Below is a picture of one.

We lost power Saturday morning and it came back on about 3am Sunday. We didn't think things were too bad until we decided to go to town looking for gas for C's truck (since the do-do brought it home empty) around 2:30 Saturday afternoon. Goodness gracious! There were trees uprooted EVERYWHERE and the nearest big little town only had sporadic power. Leave it to Walmart to be the only joint in town with gas though. Lowe's was doing major business, too! We drove to Shreveport Saturday night to see a movie and kill time since we knew once it got dark, we would have NOTHING to do. That drive was pretty interesting too and we saw more than one tree mangled in power lines. It's also very eerie to know where two huge truckstops are but for them to be pitch black. We did "cleanup" yesterday which consisted of two trailers full of limbs from the yard, but nothing from the roof which was a miracle!

About 2:30 this morning, I woke to C yelling at his dog and popping the fire out of her ass. Seems she got into the partially open trashbag in the kitchen (lesson learned for everyone involved). Little did I know the level of destruction of "Hurricane Kit".

Please ignore the portion with the blue "x" as that's trash which NEEDS to be taken to the dump by my fabulous fiance. It's only been there a week or more.

So, that's about all the updates I've got for now. I best get to work. What's going on with y'all?


melis said...
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melis said...


You're beautiful. That boy is so lucky to have a momma as wonderful as you.

(imagine how you'll feel when baby sarah gets married and has a kiddo. that's how I'm feeling about you right now.)

Heather said...

I think you look great... but you are right, the boobs are HUGE! :)

sarah said...

you look wonderful. and that color is fabulous!

Diane Mandy said...

You look beautiful! Don't give it a thought.

StephanieG said...

it looks like he's cooking up quite nicely.

i think you look great!!! (no i'm not secretly thinking OMG! either)

bet c is lovin some boobs right now ;-)

Cristal said...

You look great! Seriously- you don't look 'huge' at all. Perfect little baby bump!

Anonymous said...

You tricked us! Set us up for the worst and there you are looking all beautiful!


Anonymous said...

You look FABULOUS!!!! Love the baby belly!