37 weeks.

I saw my doc this morning. Word on the street is that I'm tentatively scheduled for a 01/13 c-section around noon. I say "tentatively" because they're going to confirm it with the hospital on Monday. It's not exactly the route I wanted to go, but since my son has chosen to be stubborn, it appears to be the way things are going to be. The baby is still breech and as of Tuesday, weighed 7lbs 13oz-- putting him on track to be a whopping 9lbs+. His head measured 41 weeks already, so even if he were to turn (which I don't anticipate), the chances of me being able (or wanting to) squeeze that giant melon out are slim.

I'm not thrilled, but it'll be fine- and probably for the best all around. She checked me for dilation, but she said I'm closed up tight. Yay. She could feel his little butt "right there" though, which explains the WONDERFUL kicks to my hoo-ha. I'm seriously waiting for a foot to pop out!

Christmas Eve and Day were great around here. This afternoon we've been playing with our new stuff, including a game camera, pressure washer and my travel system (stroller/carseat combo). I can't wait til the last one is full of baby fat!! 17 days or bust!!


Anonymous said...

I know a C-Section isn't ideal, but at least you know what to expect now. And if YOU were stubborn and wanted to give it a go on your own, you would probably end up with an emergency C anyway with how big the baby is and the way he's facing. So this way, you can save yourself all of the contractions and sweating and swearing and pushing. And I promise you, the recovery isn't that bad. I am so very excited for you and think of you often! Happy Holidays to you and Clint!

StephanieG said...

i'm getting excited for you! 2 weeks away...yikes! :)