The Night's Just Right

I thought, for once in the recent past, I'd actually write without having a doctor's appointment prompting me with news. Not counting today or the day of, my son will be here in 13 days. Lucky number 13, forever yo. My coworker said, "But what if his birthday ever falls on a Friday?!" Eh, it'll make him tough.

Lately my response to people telling me not to do something has been, "What's it going to do- make him come out?" At this point, it would be emergency surgery, but what I wouldn't give to have my hips back. It almost ticks me off that I'm going through all this "natural" childbirth pain- the normal stuff that happens to everyone- for naught. I've been lamenting to C about not being able to hold a 27 hour labor over his head, but I guess having a scar is just about as good. If "good" is even the right word.

The only part I'm anxious about is the surgery- just because it is major abdominal surgery and let's face it. I haven't been admitted to a hospital since I was five years old. My mother the health nazi will have me doing sit ups and walking several miles as soon as she possibly can, so I'm not too worried about the recovery. I'm a little worried about the possible harm I may do her, but that's the risk she runs.

Here's something I haven't told anyone-- we have a semi-complete nursery! We bought a crib and dresser and my beautiful bedding is all ready for my baby boy! C bought me a glider for Christmas that will be perfect for mid-night feedings and we replaced the ceiling fan. I'll take some pictures after I get the valances hung. Nothing is on the walls yet, but I'm working on it. Well, I will work on it at some point.

In all appearances, we're ready for the baby. A place for him to lay his noggin, a place to rock him, a place to change his stinky hiney, a place to swing him and a seat for him in the car. (My sister and mom bought us the carseat/stroller combo for Christmas.) And clothes- lots of precious little clothes, thanks to my dear friends. I've washed and folded just about everything I need, so now we wait.

All this talk inspired me to buy some Todd Snider. I've had some difficulty downloading it, but hopefully Amazon will be snappy in remedying my problem. I also bought Rodney Crowell's Sex and Gasoline. I guess I was feeling a little militant or something. So far, I highly approve of S&G.

I'm not doing a darn thing today and I almost feel guilty for it. I reckon it'll be ok, right? We have NO plans for NYE and I'm pretty ok with that. We'll probably buy some fireworks and try to light the world on fire. Yeehaw.

Whatever your plans are, please be safe. My hope is that all of my angels will have a kiss on NYE and a smile. Happy 2009... I'm positive it will not be boring.


StephanieG said...

can't wait to see cute nursery pics!! did you ever get my pkg??

Sara said...

Yes, I did get it! Thank you so much. I'm just slacking on the thank you notes... seriously.

StephanieG said...

oh no worries! just making sure.

i wish i hadn't bought them so long ago (like before your shower long ago) b/c by the looks of things he'll never be able to fit into a newborn onesie! ooops :)

too bad it's not made with spandex...like half of my clothes these days!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the nursery pics!

Also, i forgot to tell you my event in NYC was delayed so i'll be in town that week!

sarah said...

i meant to tell you, that thank you note was THE cutest little thing.

oh my goodness, i can't wait for you to have this little (well, kind of little) guy and see tons of pictures of his cute little self!

Gabrielle said...

Yay! I can't wait to see the pics of the nursery. I'm with you on the low key NYE. I'm pretty sure I'll get a kiss, but it may be at 9pm vs. midnight. HAHAHA!

V said...

DVR - set for 1/7, thanks for the reminder

Happy 2009!