Paint, take two

So I promised pictures, but I forgot. We scrapped "Light Sage" in the kitchen and are going with the hall color, Olive Gray. The Light Sage was just too light... almost teal or aqua and I felt that, although I could've lived with it, I would be really limited in what colors I could accent with. So, with nothing more than a text message, the decision was communicated to the painter and when I get home today, it'll be done. ALL done. No more workers in my house, except my husband.

I'm going to try and take tomorrow off so we can hunt for flooring. Our weekend is going to be so busy with Easter activites, so it's really our only day to get anything house-related done. Daycare is closed and I'd already lined up my mom and sister to keep the tooter, so it should be pretty painless. As if.

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