Playing Favorites

I have 265 subscriptions on my Google Reader and man does it make life easier. But, who is to say enough is enough? In honor of that, here are my top 10 favorites- the ones I read first every time. In return, share your favorites with me.

These three women are my favorites. I never can remember which two already have their babies and which is pregnant until I read their post, but they never fail to disappoint.
Quarter Life Crisis
She Likes Purple
She Just Walks Around With It

Oh Me, this girl sure can write. She's funny, sassy and thoughtful.
Girl's Gone Child

Take funny women, add kids and get endless entertainment
Not That You Asked

It help that I've known her since kindergarten, I guess, but she takes beautiful pictures of her adorable (and precocious- Jacob!) kids.

Photographer blogs I dig:
Jasmine Star (I just want to hang out with her)
Jessica Claire (She's planning her own wedding - a wedding photographer's wedding = delish!)

This one. Oh, this one. Her son (same age as Carter) died last month or 6 weeks ago from (all they can determine) SIDS. It's sad. It's heartwrenching. It's changed the way I mother.


StephanieG said...

I do read a couple of those. faithful always to GGC

I'll have to come back later to link mine...or maybe I'll post them

Good idea. I hope a lot of people respond to this!

buddhaowen said...

Well, I don't subscribe to blogs, but I do follow Betz Family Columbus, Little One April, A Journey through Loss, My Charming Kids, Audrey Caroline, His Boys Can Swim, and Girl's Gone Child. I would post a link but I don't know how. MY brain has already hit that point where it will not learn anything new about any technology, no matter how simple. I've been taught, but I don't remember. That went when my daughter came, and my memory wasn't all that great to begin with. Anyhoo, there are a few others that I just can't come up with at the moment...

StephanieG said...

you probably read a lot of the ones i read too so i wont link and i'm sure you can google if interested. these are a few of the ones i read. i subscribe to about 225 blogs though and can't keep half of the names straight usually

This Young House
My Charming Kids
Hostess With the Mostess
Stamford Wife
Big Mama
Holly Mathis Interiors
The Lettered Cottage

uhh... and there goes my brain...if i remember something really stellar i'll be back

Cristal said...

Ha! Thanks!

I keep up with you, Ginger, my Flickr buddies' blogs (most are on my sidebar), and for fun (when I have time):
(though I can't remember the last time I checked any of those last four...)

Most of my computer time is spent on Photoshop, my blog (and friends' blogs), and Flickr.