Time keeps on slippin' into the future...

Why do I expect people to read this thing when I NEVER WRITE? Maybe I need to go on a binge where I post ever day for a week or a month or something. My life doesn't have an "off" switch anymore where I have 'downtime' (which is why I mainly end up posting at work). I managed to work on a few pictures yesterday in between playing and nursing since I know they're a hit. But first, a few highlights.

  • Carter will be FIVE MONTHS OLD on Wednesday. That just blows my mind.
  • We are BEYOND blessed to have such a happy, healthy, beautiful baby. I give thanks daily. This life is amazing.
  • He still has YET to roll over, except the (fluke) at 3 months.
  • We left him for the first time Memorial Day weekend. We went to Baton Rouge for a wedding and he stayed with Papa and Nana (C's parents). He was an angel (of course!) which made being away bearable. I only called once, but Dad called about 15 times to check on him.
  • Last week we had a six day poop standoff. Thankfully it ended at daycare (the day I bought "supplies" to remedy it) and not at home.
  • I keep saying we're going to try cereal and then we get busy and time slips away and we don't. Maybe next weekend.
  • He's officially teething and his finger is his favorite teether. I try to give him other (frozen) stuff, but nothing works as good.
  • He's also a part-time thumb sucker. Cutie-patootie.
  • Many apologies for not organizing a Dallas lunch when we were there this weekend. We got a late start, had a rough drive there and back and barely had time to get a visit with Heather and Cori.
  • He loves his toes... if the boy's on his back, he's guaranteed to have his legs in the air grabbing those toes. Double cutie.
  • The picture of Carter and daddy was the sweetest thing I think I've ever seen. It's a little blurred because it was so dark first thing that morning, but who cares. I love those boys.
  • Oh- the bouquet and sole picture of me is from my first Mother's Day. I am loved.
  • Our flooring is 99.99% finished... we were one board short. Isn't that the luck? We need some for scrap anyway, so another few boxes will be purchased. It looks divine. I'll take pictures and post them someday... sooner rather than later.


      buddhaowen said...

      Howdy there-I found your blog through a long string of other blogs, and I honestly can't remember how I got here now, but I just wanted to say hi and that I'm out here reading and that I've really enjoyed all that you've written! I have a doggy named Shiner too!!! And I'm from TX-although I am now-sadly-far away from home. So hi, it's been nice "meeting" you and hearing all about your life and family. Keep it all up, and best of luck with all of your baby-rearing and everything else that comes your way. Your son is ADORABLE!!

      Jamie Heath said...

      Your son gets cuter by the day!!! I know that you and Clint are blessed to have him in your life. You like great as usual!! Keep up the posts.

      sarah said...

      that picture of both your boys is just adorable!

      i say it every time, carter is just THE cutest little thing. and i love your hair in that picture!

      Sara said...

      Thanks, y'all!

      Buddahowen- thanks for saying hello. I love finding out that people outside my circle are reading. It inspires me to write more and better.

      StephanieG said...

      he's precious! you need to start posting more pics. he changes SO much in between picture updates. Unbelievable...(and looking like his mama I think)

      Heather said...

      I've already shown his pictures to the gnome and every girl in the office. I'm glad I got to see you and him, even if it was too short a visit!

      And thank you for the beautiful flowers, they made it today. I love you!

      Erica said...

      My goodness. That picture of Carter and his daddy is incredible. It cracked me up that their arms are in the same position!

      LYMI LLS!

      Kayce said...

      I LOVE the picture of Clint and Carter! JUST TOO PRECIOUS!!!

      Cristal said...

      Those are all great! Happy (belated) first Mother's Day.