Let's get it started.

  • I like to give credit where credit is due, so I'm giving credit for that picture of me in the previous post to my wonderful husband. Everytime I see it, I'm so thankful for his skills in near beheading.
  • I've got two new blogs for you. If you're not reading them, you suck. Not really, but I just discovered them in all the BlogHer hoopla and regret not finding them sooner. Here they are: BHJ and HerBadMother . Such breathtaking talent, these two.
  • My son pulled an all-nighter last night and left his father and I with only three measly hours of sleep. Sleep, wake, scream, repeat. Awesome.
  • Maybe it's the teeth. Maybe it's his congestion which kept him from his noodle (pacifier). Maybe he was just ready to wild rumpus til six seven in the morn'. In any case, I'm tired.
  • I'm now a Scentsy consultant. If you don't know what that is, they're "wickless candles" that come in delicious flavors and warmers sized for your home to your office to your car. Give it a look and take a chance! If you don't like the flavor you get, I'll exchange it for something else. (I can't tell you how long I'll do that, but for now, in the beginning, that's how it's gonna be. I aim for complete customer satisfaction.) Everything in the current Spring/Summer catalog is 10% to make way for the Fall/Winter catalog, available September 1. There are manly scents too, W.... like "Hemingway".
  • Consider Scentsy, a first step towards conquering fears.
  • Dude, I got a Dyson. It's sad when the highlight of my weekend involves a new vacuum. But man, it's sexy.
  • C and I are SO into Big Brother this year. I may have a slight crush on Jeff (along with the rest of America). Wasn't last night's episode hilarious with Chima, Natalie and Lydia CRYING over Jessie like he was DEAD? Geez. Get a grip, girls. Also, adios Chima, you crazy heifer.
  • Two cheers for the Rangers taking the lead in the AL Wildcard spot! Neftali Feliz is my new favorite pitcher to watch-- he brings the crowd ALIVE with his 100mph tosses.
  • I've officially lost 10lbs and am wearing pants I'd forgotten about which are currently a little baggy. Rock. On.


Kendall said...

YAY! So glad you decided to join our team :) I'm v.v.proud of you!

And also, ditto on the Dyson, we got one as a wedding gift and I am STILL amazed at the things it will pick up. Also, it's kind of fun to suck Bowen's ear and lips up in the hose.

StephanieG said...

Dysons rock, so does Scentsy, the Ranger's position (woot!), and conquering fears! Happy post--I love it and I love that picture of you and chunky monkey. :)

King of New York Hacks said...

Thanks , I wa linked to BHJ old site, now I now where he is again !! Cool blog !

Black Hockey Jesus said...

Hi. Thanks for the kind words. Really appreciate it.

Could you do me a favor though? And change the name to BHJ or even BHJesus or some variation. I'm trying to avoid searches using the old name pointing to the new stuff.


Sara said...

You got it.

Unknown said...

I am TOTALLY into BB11, too! And who doesn't love Jeff (minus the accent)?! I want he and Jordan to have beautiful, possibly not very bright, but lovable babies!!

Anonymous said...

delurking for the second time...first time was to congratulate on Carter's birth...but Big Brother will bring me out of the woodwork too! I LOVE BB! Do you ever go to ww.jokersupdates.com...it is a spoiler site, so beware. But it is a site where people post everything that goes on in the house 24/7 with the live feeds. I think that Jeff really likes Jordan, but she seems to be kind of keeping him at arm's length lately, I think its the age difference. I hope she doesnt break his precious heart!

Kristy from Arkansas