Let's talk about Big Brother.

If you're not watching, you can stop reading now. But if you are- chime in, let's dish.

  • I just want to put it out there that Jeff is hot. Also, Jordan needs to stop playing hard to get.... give the boy some sugar at least!
  • I'm SO glad Russell is gone and it really makes me mad that he tried to play off his 'roid rage as a ploy to Julie. Like he was just acting.
  • Michelle is SUCH a bad liar. And a klutz to boot. And her hair is really bad.
  • Natalie. Natalie, natalie, natalie. She should've been gone a long time ago. Now she and Kevin are going to turn on Jeff and he won't even know what hit him. Here's to hoping he wises up. And she calls herself a tough competitor but she has YET to win ANYTHING. She's just a coat-tail rider.
  • Now that Kevin is HOH (seriously, Jordan- how 'bout some EFFORT in the HOH competition), I'm sure Natalie and Michelle will be even further up his ass. Ugh. I liked Kevin... til he teamed up with stupid Natalie.
  • And what the hell was up with those PINK pants Jessie was wearing in the Jury House?

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!


Tracey said...

Oh where to begin! Dang, I was so hoping Jordan would get HOH. I guess we just have to hope Jeff or Jordan win the veto. Jordan is crazy...I would so be giving it up to him in Hawaii if I were her!

I'm glad Russell is gone, but I have to give him props for leaving the house the way he did. But I loved it when Jordan bumped him!

Natalie and Michelle are useless, as far as I'm concerned. I hope Kevin thinks for himself, and isn't swayed by Natalie's opinions.

Last, and certainly least...Jessie. Please Big Brother, do NOT bring him back next season! Those pants were the most ridiculous things I've ever EVER seen in my life. He's lame. Lame lame lame.

I'm such a BB junkie!

junebug said...

This is just stupid that Kevin got HOH. i went online to cheat this morning to see who won...


and Jessie is GROSS GROSS GROSS...

if jeff goes home i doubt i watch anymore this season. he CLEARLY should win.

Sara said...

Wow! A JB sighting!

I agree that Jeff should win. He has played the best and made the most strategic moves. They all know it and will do their best to get him out.

If he or Jordan don't win POV, they're screwed.

I probably should've said this was a spoiler post since I said Kevin was HOH. Oops.

Tracey - I agree totally. Michelle and Natalie are waste of space leeches!!

StephanieG said...

yep to pretty much everything.

Russell truly lost it every time he lost it. He had no game and I definitely think that his temper is as ugly as he is. Trying to be like Evil Dick my ass!

Jessie- Ick. Eww. Bleck.

Michelle is a snake w/greasy hair and horrible eyebrows.

Natalie- blah. girl is USELESS. can't win a damn thing and needs to go ASAP. Clinton and Stacy would vomit just looking at her.

Kevin- he's becoming a better player all the time. I'll be impressed if he can pull off getting J/J out. I wish he'd stay w/them and vote out Michelle instead, followed by Natalie.

Jordan is precious and I really don't think she's a tease but is just THAT conscious about family watching her make out on national TV. I'm sure in the beautiful islands of Hawaii it'd be nothing but *brownchickenbrowncow*

Jeff- fav player and at this point deserves the win. He's not too bad on the eyes either.

Anonymous said...

would it be possible for you to do a post on your baby must haves??? pretty please! I am sure no one else will be interested but you never know! amy