Things I Want... to Share

I come across a lot of really cute stuff online, some of which I order and some of which I skip. In any case, some of it I think, "I should really blog about that so other people can know, too". So, here are a couple of my recent finds. I'm thinking of "sharing" more often... does anyone care?

Since having a baby, my body isn't exactly something I want to show off. I mean, unless you dig stretch marks and fruit roll up belly. So, when I found swimsuits touting "modesty", I jumped. They're oh so cute and very reasonably priced. I know it's not exactly swimsuit season, but bookmark it for next year. And the cinch skirts are PERFECT for camoflaging.... stuff.

Lime Ricki Swimwear - Currently offering 25% off a select suit each week!

A friend recently introducted me to KatyDid clothes and I placed my first order last week. "Katy" is an east Texas girl, so what's not to love? I was afraid some of her stuff might be too "blingy" for my speed these days, but I found several things that were right up my alley. If they fit the way I expect, I'm going back for seconds for Christmas presents.

KatyDid Collection


Mel said...

OMG! You totally turned my Monday around. Those bathing suits are just what I needed to see. Cute and modest.
I have stretch marks that I am really embarassed of, but could never find a cute suit to cover it up. So instead I ended up looking matronly or frumpy

Sara said...

YAY! I'm glad to hear that... I hope they work out for you!