This is getting embarrassing.

I'm sorry, I appear to have fallen off the face of the earth. I'm back- at least with one foot- for a moment.

  • My child is almost NINE MONTHS OLD. Seriously! Where is that pause button already? I feel like it wasn't even me living it.

  • He's trying desperatly to crawl. So far, all he's managed to do is perfect his rolling skills. Wiggle, wiggle, roll. Next thing you know, he's on the other side of the room.

  • C is convinced he's going to crawl or walk or start doing multiplication while he's in Colorado the second week of October. So, he spends an hour or so every evening urging him to crawl NOW. C is very disappointed our child is the last to crawl. He was the last to roll over and sit too- doesn't he see the trend? What? He came two and a half weeks early!

  • Carter's a biter. Yesterday, a baby took the toy he was playing with, so he bent down and bit that baby on the toe. Take that, crawling toy stealer.

  • Sleep comes at a premium in our house, meaning Carter gets as much as he wants while mom and dad.... don't.

  • Remind me to tell you about Shiner.

  • Scentsy has been going good. I'm shocked that total strangers have found me and ordered. I'm really not good at selling things, but so far it's worked out swimmingly! Now if only I can stop buying for myself. I'm running a Holiday layaway plan, but you probably got that memo, didn't you?

  • My anniversary is next week. This time a year ago I was wishing the wedding would just go away. Now, I'm not six months pregnant and have much more energy. My days are filled with the faces of angels. What a difference a year makes...

  • Speaking of, I put out the call on Twitter for anniversary gift ideas.... Anyone else? Bueller?


StephanieG said...

I finally updated my lame-ass blog today too. :) (not that yours is lame or anything)

I love that he bit another baby's toe. hahaha The boy obviously knows what he wants!

Woodrow said...

A new gun.

Sara said...

I'm trying, W... I'm trying- though he's got the .270 covered! ;-)