Meet the newest member of the family

This is Foghorn. 

He's a pretty good looking chicken, isn't he?  Also, very well behaved.

"He" is probably a "she", too.  But at this point, it's just semantics, right? 

And in case you're wondering, C has a friend whose family has chicken houses.  The chicken takers came and picked up chickens, but left 30 or 40 and my husband, who can't pass up an animal, brought home the first one he caught.  Maybe Foghorn will get a friend next go round.

And here's one of my boy since I just can't help myself.


Basco said...

I havent brushed up on my chicken breeds in a while, but Foghorn is definitely a hen, not a rooster. Which is probably good b/c in my [childhood] experience roosters are mean, evil bastards that like to peck your shins! Foghorn also wont cock-a-doodle doo when the sun comes up...but she might leave you a surprise egg or two. :)

Sara said...

Hooray for no cock-a-doodle-doo'ing! Lord knows I won't need any help waking up early in a few months! We keep looking for eggs, but so far nothing. Wonder how old they have to be before they hit puberty?