Mom x2

A friend is thowing me a baby shower.  I've said all along I don't need a thing, especially since it's a boy, but she's insisting.  Probably because I gave her one.  Anyway, the only thing I think I need are clothes since Carter wore a butt-load of hand-me-downs from my sister-in-law's little boy who is only 6 months older than him (and now about 5lbs lighter and the same height.  Dainty.)  And even then, I don't actually know how much I really need since it's been a while since I've been in those boxes. 

In any case, I guess I'm asking for must haves that maybe I don't know about.  Especially when you have more than one kid.  Or maybe something that is SO COOL that I originally thought was frivilous, but maybe can indulge in this time.  Spill it, mom's and those who regularly peruse the baby aisles. 

Also, I'm registered on Amazon.com.... is that tacky?


Heather said...

You register wherever you want my dear, you are the one that knows what you may need/want this time around!

If anyone thinks it's "tacky", then they don't have to get you anything. I personally would rather know what you need/want than try and guess and get you something you don't need/want. :)

mmk8007 said...

how about something for the Mommy this time around??!!!!! mani/pedi, massage, etc