2010 in crappy cell phone pictures

I stole this idea from my dear friend Cristal.  Below is a review of 2010- some pretty amazing transformations happen in the year of a young child.

Hard to believe he was barely a year old one year ago.

Having Chik-Fil-A with mama at the mall.

Small Fry, for the first time.
And snow! Lots of it!

Look at those lashes!

I got a haircut!

The line into Mud Nationals in Jacksonville (Tx).

We practiced sharing.

I went home to my two (blinking) light town.

Cool dude!


It's a boy!
He learned "uh-oh!" and had an adorable follow-up.

Haircuts have never been a priority.... neither have clothes.

Man, this truck is the epitome of east Texas.
The a/c broke at work.

Happy Birthday to me!

I'm pretty sure I was already "done".
We adopted a stray kitten and fell in love.  He didn't last long and we were heartbroken.
The town where I work voted in alcohol sales.

Carter got bit (again & again) so we left daycare for loving home care.

Man, was I ever miserable. 

He found ways to curl around the belly.  Always my baby.
Sweet boy, your life will change forever tomorrow.

Cooper's here!
No. More.  BABY.
These two can nap like nobody's business.

C went hunting for a week in Colorado, so there was a lot of this.  Crying/sleeping babies all piled up with mama.  I needed a vacation after that week.

And then, on Halloween, we went to the World Series. 

Carter got a haircut by a professional.  His first by someone other than me.  How handsome is he?!

On the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cooper and I made a flying trip to Dallas so I could have my rings inspected and cleaned as per the warranty.  I wish I could keep them that pretty.
Cooper started grasping things and rolling.

My husband told me to go take a shower and I wondered why.

Christmas happened and there was one happy toddler in our house.

Happy 2010, bring it on, 2011.  Otherwise known as 


Cristal said...

I love that first picture so much I want to frame it and hang it on my wall and it's not even my kid.

And :( about the bite marks. Oh man.


Happy New Year to you guys and I hope the new one is amazing and pregnancy-free. :P

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