For my boy.

Oh my Carter. 

Everything about you has been a surprise.

We were surprised to find out you were coming, growing perfectly inside me.  We were surprised by your kicks and movements, silently making your presence known.  We were surprised to find out you were breech, quite content to stay with mama.  We were surprised when my water broke 3 weeks early, announcing your arrival.

And since then, we've continued to be so surprised by your every move.  You came first and everything is new.  Your smiles and cries and dirty diapers.  Your eyes, surprise, they're just like mine.  Your sitting then crawling, then finally walking.  Surprise!  Look at me!  I did it!

My beautiful boy.

Today, you're two years old.  What a surprise.  Where does time go when it is flying by so quickly?  You have brought us such joy in your surprises.  And I do not expect them to end anytime soon.  You surprise me with your gentle love of your brother.  You surprise me with your giggles and squeals when you play with your daddy.  You surprise me with the way you love us all so purely and easily and the way you forgive so sweetly.  You are the epitome of a boy, but one with so much heart and love.

You taught me how to be a mother, showed me where I needed improvement and rewarded me with more joy than I ever could have imagined.

You are my heart. My surprise baby.  My wonderful baby.  My perfect angel boy.  You will be loved forever and ever and ever.

Happy Birthday! Surprise!


Cori said...

awww, I love this picture! Happy Birthday Carter!

Lucille29 said...

I like your baby his really cute...congrats...
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Cristal said...

Loved this post.
I read it long ago but my comment must not have made it from my cell phone through the dang interwebs.
Loved this.