Rambling- try to keep up.


That's the sound my insides make after a big meal.

I'm getting married in 7 days, to a man I fell for instantly upon seeing way back when I was 17. Hope is a funny thing... when you don't lose it. So, back to the wedding part. Most brides are working out and dieting and trying not to gain an OUNCE so as to not disrupt their dress figure. Me? I've gained six pounds in a month. I also bought a new, bigger bra this week. Yes, I'm terrified to try the dress on because I'm not certain it will fit anymore. Seven days cannot go fast enough, because in baby time- that's a LOT of growth. I think I went through one growth spurt over the past couple of weeks and I hope the next one holds off for just seven more days.

C jokes that he's going to start a betting pool for when my belly button is going to pop like a turkey thermometer. It's getting pretty shallow, but I don't think it's going to pop for at least another month. (Please Lord just give me seven days.) Other than that, I'm great. Really great. Like, I haven't been to bed before midnight this entire week great. So yes, that really means I'm tired. I'm taking tomorrow off, not to rest, but to do wedding stuff. I'll get up at my normal time and be at my mom's by 8:00 (or so). Then we'll meet with the florist and hopefully some cake people. We'll be done in time to meet C so we can drive to Dallas to get our rings and a good meal and then fly back home.

While I've been working on wedding stuff this week (invitation HELL anyone?), he's put up can lights in our living room. They look really awesome. Last night we bought a new ceiling fan and trim to finish out the ceiling. I'm excited that hopefully we can press pause for a couple of weeks so our bank account can catch up.

Today, the lady in the office next to mine wanted to take me out for a "de-stress lunch" at the local mexican food joint. Once we got there, I quickly realized that that table full of the other ladies in the office, covered with wedding gifts and a CHEESECAKE with a cake topper was for ME! (The topper was hilarious and featured the bride dragging the groom.) So, it was a complete surprise to me and very, very sweet. I got lots of lotions and perfumes and other goodies. Plus, I got mexican food which is always a good thing!

So, there's your 24 week update. Seriously though. Before anyone starts thinking that my "order" of things is the way to go- please think twice. House, baby, marriage all in a six month span is a bit much- even for me. But, I'm a trooper.



Heather said...

You are MORE than a trooper my friend... you are a ROCK STAR!

I love you! Looking forward to seeing your pretty face on Friday!

StephanieG said...

so sweet of them to through a shower for you! Congrats on a really exciting time Sara, I know you'll be a beautiful bride!

Anonymous said...

I'm freaking out FOR you! But, it will all come together one way or another. As long as you have the important parts in place: You, Clint, Cake...you're set!

Cristal said...

You'll be fine! And I'm sure you will look fabulous in your dress.
On a side note, for some reason, I always wanted my belly button to pop out when I was pg with Jacob and it never did. No 'luck' this time yet either (at 31 weeks).
Try not to worry- it will all work out perfectly! Well, except the photographer; worry about the photographer. ;)

sarah said...

dude, you're amazing. YAY for weddings!

Diane Mandy said...

you ARE a trooper. I thought getting married and moving to Germany in 6mos was a bit much, but this... WOW!

Anonymous said...

You're amazing and wonderful! But best of all, you seem so happy! And that LLS is all you really need :)

Unknown said...

Of course you can do it all- you are doing it all.

Happy Wedding Day! I hope that the rain we're having here will count towards good luck for you.