The goin's on

Since I'm convinced people only care about the pictures I post, here are some of what we did this weekend. (Token baby picture included)

Sometimes things are best done the "redneck" way. Like carpet removal. Yes, that's a chain wrapped around the carpet and yes, that's a four-wheeler dragging said carpet from the house.

This used to be parquet flooring installed by the previous owners in the foyer. Not anymore... not since my husband used a JACK HAMMER to demolish it.

We layed underlayment. Tater Bug helped.

Then we started the floor. Hopefully we'll finish this decade... better yet, this week.


Heather said...

I like the new paint in the living room! And the Tater Bug looks as beautiful as ever. If it makes you feel any better, my house is a torn apart mess right now too. I feel your pain.


Sara said...

Trouble is, mine has been a torn apart mess for TWO MONTHS! We've been living out of our master bedroom only. Putting down the flooring was key though- everything else hinged on that. Baby steps... then RUN!

StephanieG said...

He looks so big! :)

What did y'all choose for flooring? I am dying to rip the carpet out of this house (even though it's less than 1 yr old). I want wood! Your is going to look great.

Sara said...

He IS big!

We went with Mannington laminate wood planks. They have beveled edges so they look individual and not so fake. Here is the link - our color was "spice".

icuprincessnurse said...

LOVE the flooring!! It will look GREAT!

Jinxy said...