On the first anniversary of 90210...

I know this blog is horribly neglected.  I think about posting something almost daily, but it's kind of like when you haven't talked to someone in a really long time and you know you should call but it will just be weird, so you put it off even longer.  Well, this is me saying "hello".  

Today is Cooper's first birthday.  Already.  I miss my baby but I know even better times are ahead.  I fully plan to take some photos of Cooper to document "1", so hopefully I'll be posting them soon.  Cooper truly is my baby, but he loves his daddy because to him, Daddy = Play.  He's already caught on!  

Words can't describe how much these boys love each other- especially how much Cooper loves Carter.  Carter can kick him and Cooper laughs and laughs.  I love it and hope their love only grows.

They also love their ravioli's - when I can get Carter to eat them.  

C bought an old Bronco to fix up-- this is Carter's inaugural ride (around the yard).  

The BEST big brother.

Coop is crawling and pulling up everywhere-- steps can't be far behind.


Because it's Thursday (and I was asked)...

This is silly, but the hardest part of posting pictures is downloading the darn things from the camera.  I'll snap photos and then put the camera down and even though it take less than a minute or two, I'll put off downloading them.  Why?  I have no idea other than it's a chore and I flat don't like chores.

But, because I was asked by the lovely Scottie, whose hair I covet, I made an exception and did my "chore" today.  :)

There's been lots of nakedness in our house lately, as Carter is potty training.  He does great and hasn't had any accidents except that time C was tickling him and he said, "Oh no!  My tee-tee!"-- he dripped a little on C but then ran to his potty and finished the job.  He's also going on the potty at school, but he's also wearing diapers full time.  Should I just make the leap to underwear?  What's the next step?

Cooper's still not crawling.  In the last month, we've had a double ear infection and he's thisclose to cutting his two front teeth.  I just know when he's feeling good again, he's going to take off.  Or not.  Whatever.  Just as long as he starts sleeping past 5:30am!!

My beautiful water bug.

Carter and his Moo making meatballs.

Who needs to crawl when all you have to do is reeeeeeeach?

My baby.


To remember

In the car this morning on the way to school, I told Carter we had to go night-night and wake up two more times and then we get to go to the zoo with his friends.  He said, "I go nigh-night".  I'm so completely in love with that boy.

And Cooper?  He slept til 6:35.  HEAVEN!

Also, hi.


My young-un's, on Easter

If we're friends on Facebook, you've likely seen these already, but I do have some others on my camera I need to import and share.  Where does time go when it comes to kids?  In my mind, Cooper is still 3 months old and then I wonder why his clothes don't fit.

He turned 8 months old on Monday.

Big boy!

Just hanging out, ya know... having some lunch.

Hunting eggs is serious business

Papa and all his grandsons

And here's a never before seen bonus

My blue-eyed baby



My poor Cooper.  We're teething.  I say "we" because the whole family is feeling the pain.  He's not sleeping well at all-- we do Tylenol before bed and again in the middle of the night.  He's chewing and drooling and fussy as can be.

There's been a lot of this.
And this.
But yesterday, I gave him a new teething toy.

An apple slice, his first taste of real food.
He didn't really know what it was.
But it must've been ok.
Maybe he'll like it better next time, but for now, it gets one "toe" up.


Hi! Remember me?

I know, I know, I got a new job and fell off the map.  Sound familiar?

I'm officially a teleworker- aka, one who works 100% from home.  Sweet! I think I've dreamed of this setup since, oh, day one of my working life.  In my dreams, I had SO MUCH TIME to do stuff around the house.  I'd do laundry and have a clean house and clean dishes and WOW was I ever wrong?

I WORK from the time I get back from dropping the kids at daycare (no, they can't stay here with me... I have to work!) until the time I leave to get them in the afternoon.  I work through lunch daily because I have to leave to get them by 4:45, usually 4:30.  Also, I have mandatory overtime, so I also have to log extra hours, usually some on the weekend, too.  I realize, that we're all paid to WORK all day, but I don't have any bs'ing in the hallway or chatting about American Idol.  In addition, I have a bit of a guilt complex that if someone from the office tries to reach me via instant message or phone and I'm not RIGHT THERE, then they must be dreaming of what I'm off doing.  My nails?  Watching daytime tv?  Napping?  I wish.

As far as the actual work, I love it.  Every day is something new and challenging and I really enjoy it.  I had no doubts about that, though.

My "office" is carved out of the playroom and I have a very nice baby fence in place to keep curious fingers away.  Last week I finally got my monitor and printer setup which made a tremendous difference.

Sometimes I miss having people to talk to and sometimes I realize I'm stunting myself when I find myself stumbling over words when I do speak.  Am I regressing?

This is boring, I realize, but it's what's going on with me.  I'm going to get a haircut on Thursday which I need desperately since I'm approaching mullet status.  My husband's co-workers are having a crawfish boil this weekend and I think I'm going to go childless so lookout!  Mama's gonna have a beer or maybe even three!

I joked with C that Carter's baby-hood was documented with a real camera, and Cooper's all via cell phone. That's how I feel sometimes so I've been trying to make more of an effort since he's already SIX MONTHS OLD.  If you're on my facebook, you've seen the most of him.

I'll try to do better, dear blog.  Honest.


the Joy of Love - Day 4

I skipped day 3... I have an idea, I just need more time to execute.


04 what they wear

I love these sock monkey footie sleep 'n plays.  Old Navy out did themselves this fall...



the Joy of Love - Day 1

So I'm attempting another photo journey.  Keep me accountable, will you?

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01: what they do





Already, my tiny baby is gone.  But just look at the JOY.