This probably doesn't apply to you

Nothing angers me more than a know-it-all. Well, let me rephrase. Nothing angers me more than a know-it-all who clearly doesn't know it all or anything for that matter. A know-it-all who hops on every bandwagon who has half a spot on it. Nothing angers me more than talk with no action, or better yet, talk without substance. Talk that crawfishes when questioned, or that just talks itself in circles. It's slimy, it's gurmy and it's disrespectful. That's all I have to say about that.

But you’re not the first you know, and you won’t be the last
There’s a long list of has-beens waiting down at the pass
And when you figure it out, that I’m not white trash
They won’t let you on the train that I’m on cause it’s moving too fast



Let's do a good ol list, since it's been a while.
  • No new job prospects, though I'm considering starting a little something on the side. If only I knew what that was.
  • Work is work. One of my team members is making me crazy, but that's nothing new.
  • This week is a short week with a long weekend. I'm going to mix a little love time and girl time and a lot of drive time. Funny how I used to road trip to shows and now I just road trip for a kiss.
  • While everyone else was in Idaho, I got to see Brandon Rhyder at Billy Bob's and take some great pictures with the new camera. One of them can be seen here.
  • The ex-wife from hell is getting married this weekend. While that sinks in, I'll go ahead and hit you with another whammy that is: She's only been dating him a little over three weeks. Boo-yah!
  • As if that isn't enough, she's marrying one of C's customers which should make things even more interesting.
  • To celebrate the news, we spent Saturday looking at rings.. and yes, I think I fell in love about half a dozen times. I need to go back and make another pass through the store though- just to make sure.
  • Our eleven month anniversary is tomorrow, which means one year is just a month away. We're thinking about taking a weekend trip to celebrate, but can't decide where to go. Thoughts?

My life is boring and so is my blog. Seems I only write well when things aren't going so hot. I need to work on that, I reckon...



Initially, when I spoke with the lady who did my phone screen, I was told there was a tax position, an audit position and a "client services" (bookkeeping) position. The lady I spoke to used to be an auditor (on the client side, not what I do) in Dallas, so I was certain she could make the distinction between what I do and what she did.

Obviously not.

I walked in and she told me I could be meeting with the Manager of the Client Services group. I knew immediately that I didn't have the education and/or qualifications he wanted. So, I played the game and answered his questions (no, no, no, no) and told him I wasn't what he needed. He agreed and I left. Another waste of an afternoon.

I got another call from some company in Houston who was interested in my soley because of my experience with a Big 4 firm. Ridiculous. Too bad I don't want to move to Houston or she probably would have made me an offer on the spot.

On the way home, I talked to C about the opportunities that were available for me out here. They're very limited, obviously, which is a HUGE frustration. But, "something will turn up". And, I believe that and I pray for it- for my own sanity.

So, thank you all for the well wishes. I'm sorry the update isn't more joyful, but at this moment I'm beat down. But, I have to keep reminding myself, I did get a promotion which is more than I had at the beginning of the week.


Announcement and an "Oh Shit!"

Remember I have an interview tomorrow in Tyler?



Granted, the money doesn't kick in til October, but SHIT! I seriously need to have a talk with my boss about working from home and coming in to the office one or two days a week. Somebody has a couch I can sleep on, right?

Oh, and I have to tell y'all because I can't tell anyone else because the announcement isn't til tomorrow and I won't be here. Go me!


quick update

Thanks to all the good thoughts, I have a job interview next Friday at 3:00 in Tyler. Yay me!



  • I'm super excited about the new season of Tori and Dean: Inn Love . Yes, we're myspace friends. No, I don't like pugs.

  • No, I'm not going to Idaho. And no, I don't want to talk about it.

  • Josh Grider listening party Thursday at 7:30 on Galleywinter . The new cd will rock your socks off!

  • No luck on a job yet. I have a call tomorrow though.

  • Since when do weddings require dates? I figure, if you're not comfortable enough to go by yourself, maybe you should consider not going.

  • Yes, I'm still in a funk over my relationship. I listened to my Joel Osteen podcasts on the way home though and felt much better though- a renewed faith. Until this evening.

  • I really need to learn how to communicate effectively.

  • I am not a groupie. I don't care what you or anyone else says, or even if you're joking.

  • I do not like drama.

  • My mother has a new bathroom and it's probably the swankest one I've ever been in. If only she'd do something about the paneling in the room joining the "beachy", tiled bathroom. "But it's pecan! It was expensive!"

  • I'm tired of driving.

  • I don't know how my dog got so sweet. Not a mean bone in his body, I tell ya.

Proof that beer is bigger in (East) Texas:
Jealous, aren't you?



I love how some DVDs have an "alternate ending". You know, where's there's a little twist from the regular ending that may change the whole thing. I guess movie muckety mucks make those decisions, but I always enjoy watching it.

Sometimes in life, we plan our own alternate ending. Like when you know the job you have isn't your forever job and it's just tiding you over til you get married and stay home to be barefoot and pregnant. Or maybe you're planning to go back to school and do what you really want to do. Maybe the guy you're dating is just an in-between and you know he's just getting occupying your time til someone better comes along.

Then there there are times when you an alternate ending hasn't even crossed your mind. This is ALL you've ever wanted for as long as you've wanted and the thought of not having it blows your mind. That's kind of where I am at this moment. I don't know what tomorrow holds. I know what I want, but I don't know if that's the way it will turn out and the thought of that scares me to death. I don't have a plan b, no exit strategy, no alternate ending. I've put all my eggs in one basket- I'm all in. And if it fails, I'll be heartbroken and terribly lost. Every relationship is a gamble one way or another right?

If feeling secure is how a good one is supposed to feel, why do I feel like someone just pulled the rug out from underneath me?


Some days are just a beating. Some days it's hard to smile. Some days it's easier to mope. Some days the most important thing is just remember to keep breathing.

And that some day is today.