Time keeps on slippin' into the future...

Why do I expect people to read this thing when I NEVER WRITE? Maybe I need to go on a binge where I post ever day for a week or a month or something. My life doesn't have an "off" switch anymore where I have 'downtime' (which is why I mainly end up posting at work). I managed to work on a few pictures yesterday in between playing and nursing since I know they're a hit. But first, a few highlights.

  • Carter will be FIVE MONTHS OLD on Wednesday. That just blows my mind.
  • We are BEYOND blessed to have such a happy, healthy, beautiful baby. I give thanks daily. This life is amazing.
  • He still has YET to roll over, except the (fluke) at 3 months.
  • We left him for the first time Memorial Day weekend. We went to Baton Rouge for a wedding and he stayed with Papa and Nana (C's parents). He was an angel (of course!) which made being away bearable. I only called once, but Dad called about 15 times to check on him.
  • Last week we had a six day poop standoff. Thankfully it ended at daycare (the day I bought "supplies" to remedy it) and not at home.
  • I keep saying we're going to try cereal and then we get busy and time slips away and we don't. Maybe next weekend.
  • He's officially teething and his finger is his favorite teether. I try to give him other (frozen) stuff, but nothing works as good.
  • He's also a part-time thumb sucker. Cutie-patootie.
  • Many apologies for not organizing a Dallas lunch when we were there this weekend. We got a late start, had a rough drive there and back and barely had time to get a visit with Heather and Cori.
  • He loves his toes... if the boy's on his back, he's guaranteed to have his legs in the air grabbing those toes. Double cutie.
  • The picture of Carter and daddy was the sweetest thing I think I've ever seen. It's a little blurred because it was so dark first thing that morning, but who cares. I love those boys.
  • Oh- the bouquet and sole picture of me is from my first Mother's Day. I am loved.
  • Our flooring is 99.99% finished... we were one board short. Isn't that the luck? We need some for scrap anyway, so another few boxes will be purchased. It looks divine. I'll take pictures and post them someday... sooner rather than later.

    • 5.18.2009

      The goin's on

      Since I'm convinced people only care about the pictures I post, here are some of what we did this weekend. (Token baby picture included)

      Sometimes things are best done the "redneck" way. Like carpet removal. Yes, that's a chain wrapped around the carpet and yes, that's a four-wheeler dragging said carpet from the house.

      This used to be parquet flooring installed by the previous owners in the foyer. Not anymore... not since my husband used a JACK HAMMER to demolish it.

      We layed underlayment. Tater Bug helped.

      Then we started the floor. Hopefully we'll finish this decade... better yet, this week.


      Happy Monday to me!

      (I'll write about my first Mother's Day later.)

      I went to a baby shower for C's cousins a month or so ago and all the ladies had necklaces that either had their childs name or picture or something on them. I felt left out. Of course, some of their jewelry was big and gaudy which is so not me. I got home that afternoon and did a search on Etsy to see what I could find and bookmarked quite a few sites, but kept coming back to one I loved called sTuck in the coop.

      Fast forward to a week or so ago- the artist posted a contest on her blog for a $25 store credit and guess who just found out she won? That's right, this girl! And what did I choose?

      Of course, it will have Carter's name and birthstone (garnet). I'm so excited I could just pee. Speaking of pee (and if you follow me on Twitter you already know this), the phone rang last night as I was in the middle of changing his diaper on the bed. Since he likes to "air it out" sometimes, I left him with a clean diaper under his butt "just in case" and ran to take C the phone. When I returned, my happy baby was still laying there with the clean diaper under his butt- and pee all over the bed. All over the side, the bed frame and the floor. My sweet little pisser that he is, all I could do is laugh. And to make it even better, we have no spare sheets for our bed. I bought C the ones we have now for Christmas a couple of years ago after tiring of his Walmart scratchy sheets. Looks like I'll be buying some more in the VERY near future, like TODAY!! ORDERED!

      Wow, I derailed my own post didn't I? It wasn't supposed to be about ME or my BABY (AGAIN, anyone?), but about sTuck in the Coop! Go shopping, girls!


      As if I needed reminding...

      My child is perfect. Bet you didn't see that coming, didya?

      Yesterday was Carter's four month check up (and shots- booooo). He weighed 14lbs 10.5oz and measured 25.5 inches long, both of which put him smack dab in the middle of perfection on the growth chart (50th percentile). Take that, tongue tie/jaundice double whammy! His noggin, however, measured 17.5 inches which landed him in the 90th percentile. My child is clearly destined for big things... like hats. The doc said everything looked great and he was developing just perfectly. (Duh) We also got the go ahead to start trying rice cereal and then baby food. I knew it was coming, but my little baby is growing up. Call me crazy, but I think I'm going to try and delay it as long as I can. And when that doesn't work, I'll just cry.