Already, my tiny baby is gone.  But just look at the JOY.


I Heart Faces | Winter Wonderland

Since I did resolve to take and share more photos, I guess participating in another I Heart Faces challenge counts as succeeding. 

We got a little bit of snow a week ago and finally Carter was old enough to check it out.  He was in AWE.

Ebay Sales

I've got a couple of things for sale on Ebay-- feel free to spread the word.


Greener Pastures

Hello Monday.  How are you?  Me?  I'm fine.  I just put in my two week's notice at my current gig.  How's that for kicking off the week?

I have been offered and have accepted a familiar position which will allow me to work from home and have fairly flexible hours.  What does this mean for me?  No more hour long commutes to/from work.  No more getting up at 5:20am.  No more running to Walmart during lunch.  No more fast food.  It's a trade off, but one I think I can certainly live with. 

My last day here is January 28.  My first day at home is February 7, although half of my first week will be eaten up by orientation. 

Here's to 2011 and change.  *deep breath* annnnnnnnnnd RELEASE.


For my boy.

Oh my Carter. 

Everything about you has been a surprise.

We were surprised to find out you were coming, growing perfectly inside me.  We were surprised by your kicks and movements, silently making your presence known.  We were surprised to find out you were breech, quite content to stay with mama.  We were surprised when my water broke 3 weeks early, announcing your arrival.

And since then, we've continued to be so surprised by your every move.  You came first and everything is new.  Your smiles and cries and dirty diapers.  Your eyes, surprise, they're just like mine.  Your sitting then crawling, then finally walking.  Surprise!  Look at me!  I did it!

My beautiful boy.

Today, you're two years old.  What a surprise.  Where does time go when it is flying by so quickly?  You have brought us such joy in your surprises.  And I do not expect them to end anytime soon.  You surprise me with your gentle love of your brother.  You surprise me with your giggles and squeals when you play with your daddy.  You surprise me with the way you love us all so purely and easily and the way you forgive so sweetly.  You are the epitome of a boy, but one with so much heart and love.

You taught me how to be a mother, showed me where I needed improvement and rewarded me with more joy than I ever could have imagined.

You are my heart. My surprise baby.  My wonderful baby.  My perfect angel boy.  You will be loved forever and ever and ever.

Happy Birthday! Surprise!


2010 in crappy cell phone pictures

I stole this idea from my dear friend Cristal.  Below is a review of 2010- some pretty amazing transformations happen in the year of a young child.

Hard to believe he was barely a year old one year ago.

Having Chik-Fil-A with mama at the mall.

Small Fry, for the first time.
And snow! Lots of it!

Look at those lashes!

I got a haircut!

The line into Mud Nationals in Jacksonville (Tx).

We practiced sharing.

I went home to my two (blinking) light town.

Cool dude!


It's a boy!
He learned "uh-oh!" and had an adorable follow-up.

Haircuts have never been a priority.... neither have clothes.

Man, this truck is the epitome of east Texas.
The a/c broke at work.

Happy Birthday to me!

I'm pretty sure I was already "done".
We adopted a stray kitten and fell in love.  He didn't last long and we were heartbroken.
The town where I work voted in alcohol sales.

Carter got bit (again & again) so we left daycare for loving home care.

Man, was I ever miserable. 

He found ways to curl around the belly.  Always my baby.
Sweet boy, your life will change forever tomorrow.

Cooper's here!
No. More.  BABY.
These two can nap like nobody's business.

C went hunting for a week in Colorado, so there was a lot of this.  Crying/sleeping babies all piled up with mama.  I needed a vacation after that week.

And then, on Halloween, we went to the World Series. 

Carter got a haircut by a professional.  His first by someone other than me.  How handsome is he?!

On the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cooper and I made a flying trip to Dallas so I could have my rings inspected and cleaned as per the warranty.  I wish I could keep them that pretty.
Cooper started grasping things and rolling.

My husband told me to go take a shower and I wondered why.

Christmas happened and there was one happy toddler in our house.

Happy 2010, bring it on, 2011.  Otherwise known as