Rambling- try to keep up.


That's the sound my insides make after a big meal.

I'm getting married in 7 days, to a man I fell for instantly upon seeing way back when I was 17. Hope is a funny thing... when you don't lose it. So, back to the wedding part. Most brides are working out and dieting and trying not to gain an OUNCE so as to not disrupt their dress figure. Me? I've gained six pounds in a month. I also bought a new, bigger bra this week. Yes, I'm terrified to try the dress on because I'm not certain it will fit anymore. Seven days cannot go fast enough, because in baby time- that's a LOT of growth. I think I went through one growth spurt over the past couple of weeks and I hope the next one holds off for just seven more days.

C jokes that he's going to start a betting pool for when my belly button is going to pop like a turkey thermometer. It's getting pretty shallow, but I don't think it's going to pop for at least another month. (Please Lord just give me seven days.) Other than that, I'm great. Really great. Like, I haven't been to bed before midnight this entire week great. So yes, that really means I'm tired. I'm taking tomorrow off, not to rest, but to do wedding stuff. I'll get up at my normal time and be at my mom's by 8:00 (or so). Then we'll meet with the florist and hopefully some cake people. We'll be done in time to meet C so we can drive to Dallas to get our rings and a good meal and then fly back home.

While I've been working on wedding stuff this week (invitation HELL anyone?), he's put up can lights in our living room. They look really awesome. Last night we bought a new ceiling fan and trim to finish out the ceiling. I'm excited that hopefully we can press pause for a couple of weeks so our bank account can catch up.

Today, the lady in the office next to mine wanted to take me out for a "de-stress lunch" at the local mexican food joint. Once we got there, I quickly realized that that table full of the other ladies in the office, covered with wedding gifts and a CHEESECAKE with a cake topper was for ME! (The topper was hilarious and featured the bride dragging the groom.) So, it was a complete surprise to me and very, very sweet. I got lots of lotions and perfumes and other goodies. Plus, I got mexican food which is always a good thing!

So, there's your 24 week update. Seriously though. Before anyone starts thinking that my "order" of things is the way to go- please think twice. House, baby, marriage all in a six month span is a bit much- even for me. But, I'm a trooper.



Draft Beer.

Dear Internet,

The time has come for the tough things to be said.

I'm getting married and you're not invited.

It's not because I don't like you or because I don't want you there- well, it kind of is. I've never ever ever wanted a big wedding. I've always pictured a very intimate gathering of family and a couple of choice friends, but nothing extravagant. Please know that I value my friendships with you and I know that if we could all get together it would be a wonderful thing, but I know for certain that the time and place for that is not my wedding. Maybe Adair's on a Thursday night, but not my wedding. I hope you can understand, because planning this "intimate affair" for a rapidly growing guestlist (since my lovely fiance wants to invite his entire regional work team) is grating on my nerves.

Last night my mother suggested a tent (briefly I thought she was suggesting it for me to WEAR), which was quickly followed with "and maybe a dancefloor and band". I had to let her down gently by saying "I'm not staying out til midnight entertaining people. All I want to do is get married!" Honestly, I don't even want a reception- but "a 6:00 wedding means food" and "we at least have to have cake". I was also told that the cake isn't for me, it's for the guests, so even though I don't even like cake, I have to have it. I suggested cheesecake instead, because I love me some of that. *Incredulous stare* followed by, "You've GOT to be kidding me." At least my mom liked that idea. She wants to do a "toppings bar" where you can top your slice with chocolate or cherries, etc. I kind of think that's a great idea, though my better half asked if we would also be having banjos and a hoedown. I'm marrying a very..... traditional kind of guy. Someone who doesn't do different very well.

So, here I sit with a notepad next to me trying to decide what kind of flowers I want (because "we need centerpieces for the tables at the reception"). I'm trying to figure out food for the reception I don't even really want. Here I thought I was doing good by finding a dress! (In my defense, I also have secured the church, pastor and a lovely photographer... which is all I thought I was going to need- WRONG).

So internet, perhaps you should be glad you're not invited to this event. Hopefully we can at least achieve the objective and then someone can slip me a valium and I can float through the evening. Just kidding... but not really.

*P.S. I thought I'd title this entry with something I do want. Desperately.


Good LORD woman!

Here is where you can all say how great I look, all the while saying to yourselves how HUGE I am. And my boobs? The HORROR! They've already grown one cup size and are well on their way to the next. But, I don't even know what size that is!!! Either way, here I am. I just took this picture in my office and made a point to tuck my shirt under my boobs so as to show the "full picture". Oh the shame.

As for that bitch, Ike- we survived no worse for the wear. We lost two trees, but they were on either side of the house and down the road a bit. Below is a picture of one.

We lost power Saturday morning and it came back on about 3am Sunday. We didn't think things were too bad until we decided to go to town looking for gas for C's truck (since the do-do brought it home empty) around 2:30 Saturday afternoon. Goodness gracious! There were trees uprooted EVERYWHERE and the nearest big little town only had sporadic power. Leave it to Walmart to be the only joint in town with gas though. Lowe's was doing major business, too! We drove to Shreveport Saturday night to see a movie and kill time since we knew once it got dark, we would have NOTHING to do. That drive was pretty interesting too and we saw more than one tree mangled in power lines. It's also very eerie to know where two huge truckstops are but for them to be pitch black. We did "cleanup" yesterday which consisted of two trailers full of limbs from the yard, but nothing from the roof which was a miracle!

About 2:30 this morning, I woke to C yelling at his dog and popping the fire out of her ass. Seems she got into the partially open trashbag in the kitchen (lesson learned for everyone involved). Little did I know the level of destruction of "Hurricane Kit".

Please ignore the portion with the blue "x" as that's trash which NEEDS to be taken to the dump by my fabulous fiance. It's only been there a week or more.

So, that's about all the updates I've got for now. I best get to work. What's going on with y'all?


Hurricane Ike, the bastard

I'm over it.

I'm all for people evacuating and getting to a safer place, but what I'm not down with is price gouging over gas. Yesterday, there were two gas stations with gas priced at $3.39/gallon. As you could imagine, traffic was lined up into the street for these stations. I filled up at a semi-reasonable $3.55/gallon. This morning, those two gas stations that were $3.39 are now $3.67 and $3.97. You can't tell me that's legal. And it pisses me the eff off because I drive 100 miles a day to/from work and get gas at least twice a week.

Freaking hurricane.


Out with the old.....?

Hello dear internet. How's it hanging? Me? My belly is expanding and getting comfortable at night is getting harder. Such is life though. Me and the peapie are doing great, otherwise. We went to our first high school football game of the season to watch my nephew, who caught three or four passes and scored two touchdowns (against my high school). He's impossible to talk to now and I'm surprised his helmet came off after the game due to his swelling ego. We sat on the "wrong" side and cheered when the ol Blue and White went down. Some things I never thought I'd be doing (more and more every day, actually).

Anyway, the reason I'm writing is to ask your opinion. Yes, it's true I have a sister, but she graduated high school the year I started kindergarten, so we were really raised as two only children who happen to share a mom. That said, I'm used to my stuff. Sure, I got hand-me-downs, but my mom also had to make/buy a ton of stuff because my sister's just didn't stick around. I did throughly enjoy her Barbie airplane and RV though. Those 70s yellows and oranges ROCKED. Anyway, I like NEW stuff these days- like pull the tags off new. I don't shun used items and in fact welcome them because I'm very thrifty, but there's nothing like knowing something has never been used by anyone else.

Ramble, ramble, point. My soon to be sister-in-law had a baby in June- as in three months ago. It was a boy. She has tons of boy stuff. Do you see where I'm going with this? She just sent me a text message saying she wants to give me her stoller and carseat- which are essentially brand new. And VERY cute (brown with green and blue polka dots). But, I'm kind of wistful at buying my baby's own stroller and carseat. I've never done that before, ya know? And who knows if peapie will have a sibling someday.

So, what I'm asking internet, is am I being petty and selfish? Should I welcome these items with open arms and be grateful that I can save those hundreds of dollars for something else? Or, should I welcome them (because I have the inability to say no) and then go ahead and buy my own anyway?

These are the hard questions, folks. Lemme hear ya.


My heart bleeds, too.

I don't talk politics on this site (or ever for that matter), but I can't help but link to this post.

And that's all I'm going to say about that. Do whatever you want. Vote however you want. But by God at least THINK before you do it.


Our first furniture delivery is happening today. On tap: a chair for the living room and our bedroom furniture. We're patiently waiting for our couch and ottoman to be in stock so they can be delivered.... we're shooting for Thanksgiving, maybe Christmas. Bah. Either way, it's exciting and I'm very much looking forward to going home today!

In case you're curious, here are pictures.


Goodbye Snowman...

My baby's namesake has left us. You can bet I'll be grabbing my greatest hits album as soon as I can get to iTunes.

We live this life like what’s down here is what it’s all about. We’re temporary, son, like a wisp of smoke. - Jerry Reed

No, I will not actually be naming my child Jerry Reed, but how badass would that be?