End of an era

I discovered Pat Green in the spring of 2002. It was my last semester of college and though my friends didn't understand, roadtripping was a thing of beauty, especially when a dancehall was on the other end. I quickly met more and more people who felt the same way as me and new friends were born. It was my birth, as it were.

Tonight, the era of Pat Green came to an end for me. The PG brand sticker that I had proudly driven 1000s of miles came off. It was bittersweet remembering all those shows- all the good times. It's time, though. I haven't bought Pat's last two albums, nor do I have plans to go see him on his tour with Kenny Chesney. I have great gratitude for the musical door he opened for me, though. Pat led me to Cross Canadian Ragweed who led me to Roger Creager (if you can believe it) and Cory Morrow. From there it was a free for all. Musicians coming out of the woodwork, it seemed. An entire movement that I was lucky enough to be a part of and witness anytime I wanted.

Nacogdoches to Ruston to Dallas to Houston on to San Antone and New Braunfels for Gruene Hall. Stillwater, Fort Worth, Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Waco, Seattle and Shreveport. Abilene, Steamboat and Boise, Nashville and Challis. Can't forget Cancun.

It's been a good trip. I may be slowing down, but I'm far from out. I've got a few trips left to take. This past weekend is a perfect example. I managed to go out three nights in a row and lived to tell. Those of you who know me, know I haven't managed that feat in quite a while.

Five bands
Five cds
Three bars
Three cities
585 miles
Four tequila shots

And I did it with no arm twisting what so ever. I'd like to say "I'm back!", but let's face it. I'm worn out. I puked for pete's sake. I'm a fuddy dud and I like it.


File under: I hope the gas isn't toxic

Round two. We can feel the explosions in our building.

Several explosions and a large fire rocked an industrial area near downtown Dallas Wednesday morning.

The business, Southwest Industrial Gases, Inc., is believed to be a welding supply company. It went up in flames at about 9:30 a.m.

Several tanks of material believed to be fuel could be seen exploding and throwing large pieces of shrapnel throughout the area.

The scene was located near the I-30 and I-35 interchange, and both highways were shut down in the area.

Police were evacuating within a half-mile radius of the blasts.

There was no word on any injuries as of 10:00 a.m.

UPDATE: We're being evacuated now. They can't determine the toxicity of the air and the radius is now being extended to one mile, which includes my office.

UPDATE 07.26.07: All is well. The roads and our office is back open. Bummer.


File under: I hope the blast won't reach the 20th floor.

Holy Land Foundation trial

This is happening directly across the street from my building (and out my window). There appears to be some protesters (or supporters) with signs, television crews and a myriad of police. Earlier there were unmarked cars parked about a block away. Niiiiiice.


I guess that's why they call it the blues..

It's a quiet place here without ol Shiner. This morning, I took him to the vet and it snowballed into him keeping him overnight. He's had the shits for two days- mornings actually. I'll spare the details, but it hasn't been smelling too much like roses around here. His poor little butt's been in a bind! And, to make matters worse, he threw up on the floor of the vet's office. That's what encouraged him to keep him for the day- and then the night. He said he could give me something for his butt- but not unless he quit throwing up, which he didn't. So, I'm worried about my pup- less about his sickness and more about him being all alone tonight, away from home, not in a soft bed and surrounded by other dogs he can't play with. Poor little feller. I've told everyone I know, "If you think you want kids, get a dog first. It'll make you or break you." It's times like these I sure do love and miss his stinky self.

Good thing I haven't bought my ticket for Idaho yet.. I just may be broke by the time I'm done with this vet visit. Since I know I'm going to get questions (and comments) about not buying my ticket, I guess I procrastinated too long because a round trip ticket is now well over $400 for when I want to fly. Last year, my whole trip was about $500. So, I'm depressed and checking flights every day hoping for a sudden drop in prices. I won't give up til the day we're supposed to leave, though! More than anything, I hate all the laughs I'm likely to miss with my best girlfriends, but they'll laugh without me.. and I'll live.

I just talked to the vet, and Mr. Shiner is much better. His bloodwork did show some infection, but he responded well to the medication and his butt is functioning normally. YAY!


Monster in more way than one

Good news: I got a call about my resume for a job I applied for last night.

Bad news: No matter what I had to say about my job and how good I was at it, the only thing that matters is that I don't have "accounting" experience. It's a position to be an assistant to the Controller in a very fast paced enviornment- which is right up my alley. But alas, I could hear the brush off in her voice.

It's unbelievably frustrating to try to move into an area where a) "good pay" maxes out at $30k and b) there is NO job market unless you're an entry level paper pusher or in the service industry. And by "service industry", I mean oil field.

I refuse to give up, I just hate rejection.


Rant ON

I hate to break it to you, Coors Light. Having a neat trick on the label of your pansy-ass beer does not make it taste any less like water. Kudos to your marketing department and give them a raise because they obviously deserve it for coming up with this genius gimmick to make people actually buy it! And guess what? My beer doesn't need some fancy cold-induced mountains on their bottle. My beer is frosty goodness the way God and Benjamin Franklin intended it. And you know what else? To ensure my beer stays cold, I drink it faster.

So, take that Coors Light. Take that.

Something to work on..

Bummer. Gimme time..


When nothing else will do..

  • There are few things better than loving a man who will hold you're head up even when you can't.
  • I ordered a new toy. Maybe Christmas cards part deaux are coming.
  • Lazy Saturdays rock. When they're followed by a lazy Sunday, that's just icing on the cake.
  • Shhhh secrets and surprises are the hardest to keep quiet. They're equally as exciting and life changing though. (No, I'm not getting married, nor am I pregnant)
  • I've been snorting a lot.. I guess it's a bi-product of my laughing, which I've been doing a lot of. It's "cute", I hear.
  • My entire adult life, I've managed to live without a toothbrush holder. Tonight, I took a leap and bought one. Wouldn't you know the damn thing was too small for my toothbrush?
  • I'm still looking for work.. if I can't find a job, I guess I'll make one for myself. Maybe the new camera will make my pictures perfect and inspire people to pay me lots of money. ha.
  • I think of things to write about all day but my words evaporate as soon as I sit down here. Maybe I need to relocate my desk to a more Zen location. Whatever that means.

What I'm listening to: Jason Isbell, Sirens of the Ditch
What I'm reading: The Joy Diet, Martha Beck



I saw a picture on Wednesday I had forgotten all about. It was of my parents when we were in Alaska when I was five. Taken on the shore where we were digging clams for dinner, they were wearing rubber boots and a smile. My mom had on a hat I'd never seen and she looked almost carefree smiling at the camera.

My mom is big on cards. This year, on my birthday what she wrote on the inside made me cry.. and choke up just trying to repeat the words aloud.
For several years, you were my reason for getting up and moving each day. I'm so proud of all those days so long ago. They made you into the woman I see today.
I'd never thought about it being hard for her to raise me alone. Being a kid, I thought her life revolved around me and if I wasn't around she didn't exist. I know better now. I cannot begin to imagine what it was like for her to lose her husband and be left with a child to raise alone. No matter how much warning, I guess one is never prepared for the silence.

She's aging- some days gracefully, others not so much. She has more and more doctor visits I know nothing about now. I hear how she's forgetful and how sometimes she doesn't get up and moving so well. It makes my heart hurt for the woman she used to be- the one I missed. For that smiling woman in the picture. For the smiling grandmother she is today. She is joy and grace and kindness and generosity. She is compassion and patience and peace and forgiveness. She is love and if I'm lucky, someday I will be too.

Way past time for a change...

So here I am. You found me. It seems as soon as I took away my place to write, I was bubbling over with things to say. Funny how that works. Funny how I can't remember any of them now.

Thanks for reading. Y'all come back now, ya hear?