Six Weeks- a Milestone

  • Is this my kid or what? Those that know me have certainly seen that SCOWL before! As evidenced, the kid has my frown. And his father gets a giggle out of it every time he sees it.

  • Thanks to the Halo SleepSack, we went from waking up every two hours to only one time per night. It's a miracle, I say. I only wish we would've started using it sooner! (Thanks MMJ- the BEST find!!)
  • He's also learned to smile. The pictures are a little fuzzy but it's because I was trying to take pictures really fast before he screamed.

  • Check out his new chair-- thanks Josh! It's super plush and plays some great tunes. (Plus it vibrates, which I think feels good you know where!)
  • As of 5 weeks 6 days, he weighed 8lbs 10 oz. He gained a POUND in two weeks! Go me!
  • Some ladies from my mom's church threw me a diaper/gift card shower yesterday. Girls- that is the way to GO! We got so many diapers (which are so expensive), so if you're having more than one shower- make one a diaper shower! It's awesome. Hopefully we'll be graduating to size 1 soon (out of Newborns).
  • He's got the cutest thighs (ham hocks) and fat belly - he looks like a little drunk man... see?


These are the days of our lives...

Just a couple of pictures... Lil' in his puppy dog jacket (size newborn that finally fits) and a decent one with me. At least I had on makeup!