Things I Want... to Share

I come across a lot of really cute stuff online, some of which I order and some of which I skip. In any case, some of it I think, "I should really blog about that so other people can know, too". So, here are a couple of my recent finds. I'm thinking of "sharing" more often... does anyone care?

Since having a baby, my body isn't exactly something I want to show off. I mean, unless you dig stretch marks and fruit roll up belly. So, when I found swimsuits touting "modesty", I jumped. They're oh so cute and very reasonably priced. I know it's not exactly swimsuit season, but bookmark it for next year. And the cinch skirts are PERFECT for camoflaging.... stuff.

Lime Ricki Swimwear - Currently offering 25% off a select suit each week!

A friend recently introducted me to KatyDid clothes and I placed my first order last week. "Katy" is an east Texas girl, so what's not to love? I was afraid some of her stuff might be too "blingy" for my speed these days, but I found several things that were right up my alley. If they fit the way I expect, I'm going back for seconds for Christmas presents.

KatyDid Collection


This is getting embarrassing.

I'm sorry, I appear to have fallen off the face of the earth. I'm back- at least with one foot- for a moment.

  • My child is almost NINE MONTHS OLD. Seriously! Where is that pause button already? I feel like it wasn't even me living it.

  • He's trying desperatly to crawl. So far, all he's managed to do is perfect his rolling skills. Wiggle, wiggle, roll. Next thing you know, he's on the other side of the room.

  • C is convinced he's going to crawl or walk or start doing multiplication while he's in Colorado the second week of October. So, he spends an hour or so every evening urging him to crawl NOW. C is very disappointed our child is the last to crawl. He was the last to roll over and sit too- doesn't he see the trend? What? He came two and a half weeks early!

  • Carter's a biter. Yesterday, a baby took the toy he was playing with, so he bent down and bit that baby on the toe. Take that, crawling toy stealer.

  • Sleep comes at a premium in our house, meaning Carter gets as much as he wants while mom and dad.... don't.

  • Remind me to tell you about Shiner.

  • Scentsy has been going good. I'm shocked that total strangers have found me and ordered. I'm really not good at selling things, but so far it's worked out swimmingly! Now if only I can stop buying for myself. I'm running a Holiday layaway plan, but you probably got that memo, didn't you?

  • My anniversary is next week. This time a year ago I was wishing the wedding would just go away. Now, I'm not six months pregnant and have much more energy. My days are filled with the faces of angels. What a difference a year makes...

  • Speaking of, I put out the call on Twitter for anniversary gift ideas.... Anyone else? Bueller?

These are a few of my favorite things: Baby Edition

Last week, I had a request for a post about my baby must-haves. First, I was flattered that someone actually requested a post topic. Second, I thought- hey, why haven't I written this already because I totally know what I'm talking about! So here goes. My opinions are just like that, so take them for what they are worth. Also note that as of today, my toot is only 8.5 months old (only? more like ALREADY?!) and not toddling just yet.

Part One - Travel
You may think this topic isn't important, but one of the very first things you'll ever use is your carseat coming home from the hospital. Choose wisely...

  • Infant vs. Convertible Seat - First let me define what I'm talking about because I was CLUELESS. An infant carseat has much lower height and weight restrictionthan a convertible carseat, some of which will accomodate up to 50lbs. To me, the advantage of an infant carseat was that it is removeable from the carseat base (which stays in the car) and can double as a "carrier". Who wants to wake a sleeping baby to get it out of the carseat to run in the grocery store? With an infant seat, you just take the whole seat with you. We JUST upgraded to a convertible seat a month ago. Yes, it's an added expense, but to me, the trade off is totally worth it. And for what it's worth, we just upgraded to a convertible seat about a month ago (7 months).
  • Travel System - A travel system is an infant seat/stroller combo. While the infant seat is being used, it can be clicked into the stroller for easy free-wheeling. Once the baby outgrows the infant seat, the stroller can be used normally for years to come (up to 50lbs). Pictured is the exact one we have, including the infant seat.

Part two coming soon. What? You think I just whipped this out in 10 minutes? It's taken me a WEEK to click "publish"!


This is how we do it....

I am absolutely in love with this crappy camera phone picture from Saturday. I think it's so sweet and such a representation of our relationship. Me, as the host and him... as the baby leech.

Just look at that thigh. Nom.

*I am also very embarrassed that it has been so long since I've posted. More is coming soon. Pinky promise.