On the first anniversary of 90210...

I know this blog is horribly neglected.  I think about posting something almost daily, but it's kind of like when you haven't talked to someone in a really long time and you know you should call but it will just be weird, so you put it off even longer.  Well, this is me saying "hello".  

Today is Cooper's first birthday.  Already.  I miss my baby but I know even better times are ahead.  I fully plan to take some photos of Cooper to document "1", so hopefully I'll be posting them soon.  Cooper truly is my baby, but he loves his daddy because to him, Daddy = Play.  He's already caught on!  

Words can't describe how much these boys love each other- especially how much Cooper loves Carter.  Carter can kick him and Cooper laughs and laughs.  I love it and hope their love only grows.

They also love their ravioli's - when I can get Carter to eat them.  

C bought an old Bronco to fix up-- this is Carter's inaugural ride (around the yard).  

The BEST big brother.

Coop is crawling and pulling up everywhere-- steps can't be far behind.